Lange Frans is no longer welcome on YouTube, Monica Geuze furious about leaking photos and is the Netherlands getting tired of Meiland?

An overview of the entertainment world last week.

Het Land Van




Mee Naar Diemen-Zuid

: there were years when Lange Frans and Baas B could not be removed from the charts and people moved with their words.

We are now more than fifteen years later after their first hit and we were able to experience another reunion of the duo, but we have not seen them in the charts for a while.

Frans was never completely out of publicity, but this week it seemed for a moment like those heydays.

This time, however, the reason was not the music, but the videos and podcasts that the rapper makes.


Zondag with Lubach,

Arjen Lubach showed

fragments of Frans who talked to people about conspiracy theories and made statements about the shooting of our prime minister.

Although those videos had been online for some time, millions of people were now suddenly pointed to the rapper's thoughts.


Zondag with Lubach

it was actually about algorithms and how easily you can end up in a

rabbit hole

online, but the strange conversations of Frans mainly lingered on most people.

It did not take long before questions were asked on social media about how responsible it is that Frans was allowed to post his videos like this.

YouTube eventually decided to take Frans's channel offline.

According to the platform, Frans is violating the conditions and so there is sufficient reason not to offer him a place anymore.

Frans was disappointed and blamed Arjen that his channel was now a thing of the past.

The rapper asked at least to leave his music, because that had nothing to do with this, did it?

On the radio, Frans said that his words about the shooting of Mark Rutte were "perhaps inappropriate", after which everyone wrote that down as an excuse.

However, no real apologies were made and Frans just continued to share on social media.

And with all the attention, no doubt many more people will now read along.


In the magazines: King through the dust |

Revelations in Martien's biography

Private is not always private

You can't be too careful these days: passwords have to be as complicated as possible, thieves pretend to be your children via WhatsApp and you receive requests by email to pay overdue bills for things you never bought.

If you also have to look at your own friends and family with suspicion, it almost feels as if no one can be trusted anymore.

It is therefore logical that Monica Geuze got quite angry this week: someone turned out to be sharing private photos of her daughter.

The influencer has a secret account for close friends and family, so that she can protect her daughter as much as possible on her open account.

But a secret account will not work if someone takes screenshots and appears to be sharing them with others.

"I think this is so bad. That someone in that small group who 'may' follow her takes screenshots and has spread it, I find really disgusting", Monica said in a Story on Instagram.

We don't know who is to blame, but one thing is for sure: Monica will think a second time before trusting anyone.

Netherlands Tired of Meiland?

The TV cannot switch on or Martien Meiland is there.

Is it not with his wife and daughter in their own reality soap, can the star of John de Mol be seen in a game show, or is he sitting at the table on a talk show.

Martien is hot and everyone wants to know everything about him.

Despite the fact that more than 1 million people watch every week, there also appear to be people who do not like the host of Chateau Marillaux.

RTL Boulevard

managed to collect a few tweets when Martien joined


and wondered aloud whether the Netherlands is not getting tired of Meiland.

At Stichting KijkOnderzoek they will not be a fan, because Thursday's viewing figures were published incorrectly and it seemed as if

Chateau Meiland

suddenly managed to attract only half of the viewers. should of course have seen that that could not be the case, but yes, SKO is an authority and if the RVD reports that there is something wrong with the king, you do not dispute that either.

Fortunately for the Meiland family, the Netherlands appears to be far from tired of their antics.

In the coming period, the people who are fed up with the Meilandjes will have to keep avoiding certain channels.

And the discussion about viewing figures is hotter than ever: isn't the method of calculating too old-fashioned and is it time for a new authority?