• Covid-19 The Valencian Community announces a curfew between twelve at night and six in the morning

  • Manual incompetence: the recital of errors and incomprehensible decisions by Sánchez, Illa and Simón

  • Figures: Health registers more than 20,000 infections in a day: the highest number of the pandemic

The Interterritorial Health Council has postponed the decision on a possible curfew as there was not "a broad consensus."

All on the day that


has set the record number of daily



of the entire pandemic with 20,986 new infections, and 155 deaths in 24 hours.

The focus is now on the

Community of Madrid

, where the regional government will announce new measures today after the end of the

state of alarm

this Saturday and with the possibility of applying the


in the air.

As the Health Minister advanced this Thursday, the

Community of Madrid is

going to apply tougher measures, although the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has insisted these days that it continues to bet on a perimeter confinement.

In this summary we tell the last minute about Covid-19 in all of Spain.

We also have other specific ones for Andalusia, Catalonia and the Canary Islands.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 1,026,281 confirmed coronavirus cases with a diagnostic test for active infection;

    34,521 dead with positive test on October 22

  • 290,159 in


    (10,155 dead)

  • 188,164 in


    (5,958 dead)

  • 102,544 in


    (2,183 dead)

  • 67,981 in

    Castilla y León

    (3,421 dead)

  • 56,566 in

    the Basque Country

    (2,029 dead)

  • 56,272 in

    Castilla-La Mancha

    (3,336 dead)

  • 52,629 in the

    Valencian Community

    (1,709 dead)

  • 47,076 in


    (1,559 dead)

  • 28,165 in


    (850 dead)

  • 28,779 in


    (279 dead)

  • 27,504 in


    (666 dead)

  • 16,663 in the

    Balearic Islands

    (344 dead)

  • 16,398 in the

    Canary Islands

    (266 dead)

  • 15,648 in


    (670 dead)

  • 11,121 in

    La Rioja

    (441 dead)

  • 8,386 in


    (248 dead)

  • 9,109 in


    (383 dead)

  • 2,011 in


    (11 dead)

  • 1,106 in


    (13 dead)

7.00 Madrid will announce today measures against the coronavirus without knowing if there will be a curfew


Community of Madrid

announces new measures to curb the


that it will implement on Saturday, when the state of alarm ends, with the question of whether there will be a curfew in some areas of the country, as there is no agreement on the matter between the Government and communities.

Madrid has asked the minister at the meeting to clarify the conditions of a possible curfew to know if they would be restrictions on activity or also on mobility, which would require "legal coverage", according to sources from the Ministry of Health, which They do not clarify the position defended by the region, stating that this issue "was not in the document under discussion."

The Madrid Minister of Health has defended applying restrictions for basic health areas, a strategy that the regional government currently maintains in four areas to impose restrictions outside the large towns under the state of alarm.

In his opinion, the state of alarm has been "a legal outrage" and has generated an increase in mobility within the affected municipalities, which has been "detrimental".


China detects 18 new cases of coronavirus, all imported

The National Health Commission of China has reported that the Asian country detected 18 new cases of the new


in travelers from abroad this Thursday, four more than the previous day.

These positives were diagnosed in the cities of Shanghai (east, 9) and Chongqing (center, 2) and in Fujian province (southeast, 7).

As for the asymptomatic infected, China added 11 new positives in this latest report (25 the day before), bringing the total number of people under observation under these circumstances to 403 (all but one, coming from outside the Chinese borders) .

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