In the film "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm", the former mayor of New York and Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani are interviewed by the actress Maria Bakalova who plays the main character Borat's daughter.

According to several newspapers, including The Guardian, Giuliani believes he is being interviewed for a conservative TV channel, but what he says during the interview is not yet known.

Caught by hand at the waistband

After the interview, however, he is said to have accompanied Maria Bakalova to her hotel room, which has been equipped with cameras.

Pictures from the scene show him lying on a bed with his hand on his waistband.

Shortly afterwards, the main character Borat is said to have rushed in and shouted "She is 15 years old, she is too old for you!".

Rudy Giuliani has responded to the criticism on twitter.

He believes that the explanation for the scene is that he would take off the recording equipment, and that he did not behave inappropriately at any time during the interview.