The Palm Fountain wins Guinness as the largest fountain in the world

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The "Palm Fountain" in "The Point", the first destination for lifestyle and dining in Dubai from "Nakheel", won the "Guinness Book of World Records" as "the largest fountain in the world" after the wonderful celebration of its launch, which was displayed By broadcasting live in various parts of the world.

The celebration was attended by a crowd of guests, residents and tourists who watched the "Palm Fountain" break the record and enjoyed an exclusive song titled "Dubai is another planet" specially produced to celebrate the spirit of this vibrant and inspiring city.

The "Palm Fountain", which is a celebration of Dubai's creativity and ambitions, occupies an area spread over more than 14,000 square feet, submerged by sea water and radiating at night by 3,000 vibrant LED lights, and is distinguished by its giant pump that throws water to a height of 105 meters.

Omar Khoury, CEO of Nakheel Malls, which runs The Point, said: “Nakheel expresses its gratitude for the leadership of Dubai, which enabled us to obtain the title of the largest fountain in the world .. It is a historic moment that confirms our steadfast commitment to adding more new experiences and Unique to this city to serve all stakeholders .. As the pioneers of retail destinations and modern lifestyles in Dubai, we look forward to the inspiration that this fountain will bring to the visitors of The Point, residents of the United Arab Emirates, retailers, tourists and the wider global community. ".

The celebrations witnessed the launch of the "Palm Fountain", during which strict health and safety protocols were adhered to, a series of live entertainment and artistic shows, including magical fireworks displays.

Two of the award-winning Disney hits in the Middle East - Let It Go from Frozen and A Whole New World from Aladdin - were played to celebrate the momentous occasion, and are part of the regular "The Palm Fountain" programs.

This fountain will open its doors to the public throughout the year between sunset and midnight, which makes visitors enjoy more than 20 detailed shows in 5 different forms, as water columns sway to the rhythms of a range of popular songs, including Gulf, Pop, Classical, International and others. Each show lasts for 3 minutes and is performed completely every 30 minutes.

To celebrate the launch of "The Palm Fountain," "The Pointe" unveiled a water swing, applicable to Instagram, open to the public near the beach area until October 29th from 1 pm to 10 pm.

For his part, Ahmed Al Khaja, Executive Director of the Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation, said: “The launch of the Palm Fountain constitutes another milestone as Dubai continues to welcome its visitors to its world-famous landmarks .. Having another record for Dubai in the Guinness Book of Records establishes its position. The city is a must-visit destination where guests from all over the world can experience the best sights as well as unparalleled retail space. "

He added, "The launch of this record-breaking new attractive landmark has elevated The Point's position as one of Dubai's major dining destinations, and we look forward to welcoming many new tourists who will flock to this place."

In addition, Shady Gad, Senior Marketing Director - Middle East and North Africa, said in the "Guinness Book of Records": The Guinness Book of Records is pleased to officially announce that the Palm Fountain has won the title of the largest fountain in the world .. This fountain is another example of the architectural achievements of Dubai and we are pleased To announce it officially, Officially Amazing, very special.

For his part, Shafiq Najia, General Manager of "The Walt Disney Company" Middle East confirmed that Disney is very excited to be a part of this first global event, as the largest fountain in the world hosts two special award-winning songs from two of the most profitable and favorite Disney films. "We are delighted that our special songs are part of the Palm Fountain program to give Emirati families and Disney fans a unique local point of contact to enjoy."

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