Sequelae of the new corona Alopecia and olfactory abnormalities even after 4 months, October 23, 5:54

According to a follow-up survey conducted by the National Center for Global Health and Medicine on people who have recovered from the new coronavirus, people who have alopecia that causes hair to fall out after discharge, and people who have shortness of breath or have no odor even after 4 months It turned out that there was a person who had.

The research group wants to continue investigating and clarify the factors at risk of sequelae.

The National Center for Global Health and Medicine interviewed people who were hospitalized for the new coronavirus and were discharged from February to June, and then investigated for sequelae.

According to it, 63 people were able to hear, the average age was 48.1 years, there were common symptoms in multiple people, and about 4 months after the onset, ▽ 7 people had shortness of breath. , Approximately 11%, ▽ malaise and ▽ olfactory abnormality in 6 people each, about 10%, ▽ cough in 4 people, about 6%, ▽ dysgeusia in 1 person, about 2% did.

Furthermore, of the 58 additional surveys, 9 males and 5 females, which is almost a quarter of the total, had alopecia about 2 months after the onset. is.

Five of them were cured in about two and a half months, but the remaining nine were not cured, partly because they had alopecia for a short period of time at the time of the survey.

Alopecia is reported even after recovery from Ebola and dengue, but Dr. Shinichiro Morioka, who conducted the study, said, "Psychological stress due to prolonged treatment may have triggered it. We will continue to investigate and clarify the factors behind the risk of sequelae. "