Gérald Darmanin filed a complaint on Wednesday for "public defamation of the national police" after the publication on a blog hosted by Mediapart of a text, then modified, accusing the police of "barbarism" for having "executed" the murderer of Samuel Paty .

Gérald Darmanin filed a complaint against a blog article for public defamation of the national police.

In his letter to the public prosecutor of Paris posted on his Twitter account, the Minister of the Interior refers to the blog "outside the walls" published Monday on the blog-mediapart.fr site.

In question, a post written by an anonymous author, entitled "Summary execution of the suspect: new norm in matters of terrorism", which accuses the police of "barbarism" for having "executed" the assassin of Samuel Paty.

A publication subsequently amended

The text targets the police: "When it comes to terrorism, that is to say a crime committed by a Muslim person against a non-Muslim person, the police seem to have the right, even the right to do so. duty, to kill ".

Its author, who has published under a pseudonym, denounces "police barbarism" which he compares to "terrorist barbarism".

For him, the police "executed" the young man while he was lightly armed, surrounded and that the risk of flight was "almost nil".

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He had amended his publication Tuesday, before the announcement of this complaint and after his text had been relayed and commented on social networks.

In particular, he replaced the word "barbarism" by that of "drift".

Preliminary online defamation inquiry

The Paris prosecutor's office on Wednesday opened "a preliminary investigation following the complaint lodged by the Minister of the Interior" for defamation online against a public administration.

On the Mediapart side, we remind you that the site is not responsible for the content of the blog from the moment it is the host and not the publisher of the blog.

"We are the host and not the publisher" and "its contents do not engage the editorial staff," said Edwy Plenel, director of the publication.

Mediapart also assured that no request to unpublish the ticket in question had been made by the ministry or a representative of the police before the filing of the complaint.