At the time of influenza epidemic "Corona inspection up to 7.5 times the capacity" Tokyo estimates October 22, 11:59

If an influenza epidemic occurs in Tokyo, the number of tests required for the new coronavirus in one day will be up to 7.5 times the current testing capacity, according to a Tokyo estimate.

Experts say, "It's important to discuss how to perform limited tests effectively."

At the same time as the new coronavirus, if the influenza epidemic causes a surge in fever patients, it is believed that more testing for the new coronavirus may be needed to determine which one is infected.

Regarding this, the capital estimated the required number of inspections at the request of the country.

According to this, if the influenza epidemic occurs as usual, it is expected that up to 65,000 new tests will be required per day at peak times.

Combined with the tests for continued infection with the new coronavirus, there is a possibility of up to 76,000 cases per day at peak times, which is 7.5 times the current testing capacity in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, there are two influenza patients confirmed by the city by the 21st, and the epidemic has not yet occurred, but the city plans to strengthen its testing capabilities in the future.

Professor Kazuhiro Tateda of Toho University, the chairman of the Japan Society for Infectious Diseases, said, "I don't know if an influenza epidemic will occur, but I need to think about the worst scenario. How effective limited tests are. It is important for the government and the doctors in the field to discuss whether to do this. "