Rapper Lange Frans' YouTube account was removed on Wednesday afternoon for "repeated or serious violations" of the platform's Community Guidelines.

The rapper reports this on Twitter.

In a tweet, the artist says he regrets the removal of his account.

"I think this is really a shame and I'm going to cry", said Lange Frans.

The rapper's own music that was on his channel has also been removed from the platform.

My entire YouTube account has been deleted by YouTube.

Also all my own music on my channel.

I think this is really a shame and I'm going to cry now.

@arjenlubach thanks!

And maybe you, with your good contacts at YT, can at least ask if my music can be returned ... ❤️


Avatar Author long French Moment of places 10: 25 - 21 October 2020

Presenter Arjen Lubach paid attention to the rapper last Sunday in his show

Zondag met Lubach


In this he called Lange Frans a "conspiracy thinker".

The broadcast was about spreading fake news.

Lubach called on YouTube on his show to watch the videos on the rapper's channel.

On Wednesday, the presenter reports that he thinks the removal of music is going too far.

"Hey YouTube, put that music back", he writes on Twitter.