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As Nigeria grabs violent protests against police violence, protesters have just received heavy support.

Beyoncé announced on her social media that she is working with local organizations to support the protests.

Part of the population is calling for the dissolution of the Special Flight Repression Brigade (SARS), a special unit of the police.

She is accused by several humanitarian associations of torture and assassinations.

The protest is not only happening in the streets, but also on social networks.

The hashtag #EndSARS is gaining momentum and is also taken up by the American singer.

Several deaths

“I am heartbroken to see incredible brutality taking place in Nigeria.

We must end SARS.

We have worked in partnership with youth organizations to support those demonstrating for change.

We work with coalitions that provide first aid, food and shelter.

To our Nigerian brothers and sisters, we are by your side, ”wrote the interpreter of



Jay-Z's wife also asks her audience to go to her site where there is "a list of organizations to support."

In response to protests against police brutality, law enforcement responded with violence against those who defied the government-imposed curfew.

According to Amnesty International, several protesters were killed yesterday in Lagos.


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