An event to enjoy wine at a department store A new style to prevent infection Osaka October 22, 4:17

An event to enjoy wine has begun at a department store in Osaka.

It has been changed to a new style of buying wine online after tasting without a cash register to avoid crowding.

At the Hanshin Umeda Main Store in Umeda, Osaka, an event has begun where you can sample 580 types of domestic and foreign wines.

I was able to sample wine every year and buy wine at the store, but this time I did not set up a cash register for accounting so that people would not be crowded to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, just tasting and later dedicated I changed the mechanism to purchase online from the site of.

The tasting was by appointment only, and the customers enjoyed the tasting while listening to the explanation when they received the wine in the cup from the clerk through the sheet to prevent flying.

In addition, a live stream was held on Instagram for those who could not come to the venue, and the clerk appealed that they would like them to enjoy wine comfortably without having to worry about their shoulders.

Takeo Yamaguchi of the Hanshin Umeda Main Store said, "Because you can only understand your taste when you drink wine, I would like you to take proper measures against corona and enjoy tasting at the venue."

This event is being held until the 27th of this month.