It was alleged that GOT7's main vocalist Youngjae harassed high school alumni with disabilities in the past.

However, GOT7 fans are showing an opinion that they should be cautious, saying that there is a part where the facts of some claims are misaligned.

On the 20th, a netizen who claimed to be GOT7 Youngjae's high school alumni on the community site Baby Dream said, "(Youngjae) was in the same class when he was in the second and third grades at Mokpo Mechanical Engineering High School." He took and beat him. He even ordered a bread shuttle."

At the same time, the netizen said, "(Youngjae) is so bored that he pretends to be good. Don't come out on TV, you're a masked demon Youngjae."

GOT7's agency, JYP Entertainment, said that it would reveal the position after confirming the facts about Youngjae's suspicion of abusing, and there are reactions that it is necessary to first check the facts of the netizen's writing. In particular, it is not clear that the netizens claimed that they were in the same class when Youngjae and Mokpo Mechanical Technical High School were in the same class.

Youngjae, who made her debut with GOT7 in 2015, is a trainee at JYP Entertainment. It is reported that she transferred from Mokpo to Korea Arts High School in Seoul in 2012, when she was a freshman in high school to prepare for her debut. The content is also stated in the profile of Youngjae, which is contrary to the facts of the article claiming the victims of school abuse.

GOT7, which Youngjae belongs to, is preparing for a comeback. If the release of a new album is confirmed next month, the activity will resume after 7 months after the mini album'DYE' (Dye) released in April.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)