A video by "Sleeping Prince" tops Google searches in Saudi Arabia

A video of a reaction from Prince Al-Waleed bin Khalid bin Talal, known as "the sleeping prince", was released by Google in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday morning, and activists on social media circulated a video clip moving his fingers and then his hand in what appeared to be a kind of response.

In the video, which CNN did not post the date of filming, a person asked him to raise his finger, to do so, and then asked him again to raise his palm higher, and he responds to that.

Prince Al-Walid bin Khalid bin Talal had a traffic accident in 2005 during his studies at the Military College, and had fallen into a coma since then, to be called the "Sleeping Prince", and the medical diagnoses for the "Sleeping Prince" case differed.

Prince Khalid bin Talal insists on keeping his son under equipment and follow-up in the hope that he will be cured. He commented on this matter earlier, saying: “If God had wanted him to die in the accident, he would now be in his grave .. Adding: Whoever preserves his soul for all these years is able to Heal him and heal him, "as he put it.

🔴 Video of the sleeping prince

after 15 years he spent in a coma ... The sleeping prince Al-Walid bin Khaled moves his hand ...

Oh God, restore his health as you restored the sight to Jacob, and as you can, Mary gave birth without a husband and took Younis from the whale's belly and carried Ibrahim's wife, peace be upon him, who was sterile ...

Oh, Rahman, Rahim, we ask you with your mercy to heal him pic.twitter.com/QSeOOaKLkw

- Yahya Al-Ghammari (@yahyaalghamri) October 19, 2020

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