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October 19, 2020

Cardi B quits Twitter

Cardi B refuses to be told what to do, especially when it comes to the heart!

The star had indeed announced to have reconciled with Offset, from whom she had filed for divorce last month.

But this turnaround did not please some fans, who attacked the interpreter of



Only, Cardi B has it in the stomach and is not the type to let it go.

“I love my fans, but sometimes they act like I'm sleeping with them all.

Offset isn't the only fucking problem I have to deal with.

And to be honest with you, my marriage is the least of my concerns, ”she told them, as relayed by the NME.

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Miley Cyrus' dog is fine after being electrocuted

Big fear for Miley Cyrus!

During the resumption of The Voice in the United States, she revealed that during the filming of the show, her dog almost died from electrocution!

“It was the first day of The Voice, I was excited, and it's sad, but (my dog) was on a leash and she wandered around where there were all the sons.

Everyone sings, everyone wonders who will win, and at one point we realize that she is convulsing, because she was electrocuted, ”reveals the star as Cinemablend relays.

Fortunately, since "she is doing well", and is looking forward to living in Nashville.



Miley Cyrus will have her “MTV Unplugged” from her garden on October 16

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