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Epidemic triggered thinking about internship "seeking change"

  Recalling this year's experience of internship and job hunting, Li Juan, who lives in Xiegeng Village, Laojun Township, Huining County, Baiyin City, Gansu Province, felt that there were "one twists and turns".

  Originally, according to the arrangement of Lanzhou Vocational and Technical College, Li Juan had to rush to a kindergarten in Beijing for an internship before the start of school in February this year. However, under the epidemic prevention situation at that time, don’t mention the province. Li Juan could not even leave the village. It caught her by surprise.

  Li Juan's parents worked in farming at home and her brother worked. The family gritted their teeth and finally trained a college student. Seeing that they were looking for a job, suddenly "something went wrong", Li Juan and her family were very anxious.

  At the same time, He Wenli, a fresh graduate of Chongqing Electronic Engineering Vocational College majoring in international accounting and financial management, also encountered troubles.

During her stay at home, she did not worry less about employment.

"This year's internship and job search time has been greatly'compressed'. Employers attach more importance to applicants' internship experience, and I often run into a wall when looking for a job."

  Since March of this year, she has "crazy" posting resumes on major recruitment websites.

Seeing her resume being checked again and again, but rejected due to “lack of relevant experience”, she became increasingly anxious and even suspected that she could not find a suitable internship or job.

  Fortunately, the school opened pre-employment training courses in time. Teachers guided the revision of resumes online and offline, and simulated the interview process. After four one-on-one courses, He Wenli became familiar with the skills of finding a job.

In May of this year, she finally got her favorite job.

  On-the-job internship is a very important teaching link in vocational schools, and an important way to improve students' vocational quality and ability to achieve "zero" distance from job requirements.

In March and April of previous years, students from vocational colleges generally took internships, which is also the prime time for corporate recruitment.

This year, due to the epidemic, most vocational college students have "suspended" their internships, and the demand for jobs in some companies has decreased.

  Coupled with factors such as students' insufficient understanding of the employment situation under the epidemic, the contradiction between personal abilities and corporate needs, and fierce employment competition, this has undoubtedly increased students' internship and employment pressure.

What is the impact of the epidemic on the internship of vocational college students. How do teachers and students deal with the problem? Does the internship mode need to be further adjusted?

A reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily conducted an in-depth interview.

  Emergency adjustment: offline response and remediation

  According to Li Jiancheng, deputy dean of the Elementary Education College of Lanzhou Vocational and Technical College, at the beginning of the epidemic, the school urgently convened a work meeting to arrange for graduates’ internships and employment work to ensure that the “one card for a lifetime” account and “one-to-one assistance” The mechanism is uninterrupted.

  After communication, Tong Xin, the recruiting officer of the college, learned of Li Juan's situation. On the one hand, she calmed Li Juan's emotions and at the same time reflected Li Juan's situation to the college.

The teachers immediately contacted a kindergarten located in Qilihe District, Lanzhou City, and confirmed that Li Juan would receive an internship after the kindergarten opened.

Today, Li Juan has been employed here.

  According to Hou Lunyuan, the intern instructor of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Hefei Vocational and Technical College, according to the epidemic situation, the school first ensures the health and safety of 2017 students, and organizes counselors, class teachers, and internship instructors to adopt "person-to-person" measures to monitor internship trends.

  The biggest challenge comes from the 444 2018 students who are about to intern this year. Facing nearly double the number of students from the previous level, it is necessary to select high-quality internship units and positions with tight time and heavy tasks.

"The output of some cooperative enterprises has decreased and the demand for employment has decreased, which has also brought difficulties to the development of work." Hou Lunyuan said that after returning to school in May, students still have one month to attend comprehensive practical classes, and students are prone to irritability and anxiety.

  The college responded in a timely manner: expanding the scope of cooperation, holding online presentations and small-scale offline interviews, all arranged in the evening or weekend, according to the students' time "shift peak" interview.

Sometimes, when an interview lasts for several hours, the teachers give up rest and stay with them to answer questions.

In the end, 15 large manufacturing companies provided students with highly suitable internship positions.

  In the past few days, Hou Lunyuan has been urging students: “Adjust your mentality, participate in internships with a learning attitude, increase your identity with the company, and strive to stay in the company after the internship.”

  This year, Pingliang City Rail Transportation Vocational Training School in Gansu Province also encountered difficulties in their internships.

Most of the students in this major are doing internships in the subway or high-speed rail.

These places are concentrated and have a large flow of people.

Principal Wang Fanrong said frankly that internships can help students increase their understanding of the status quo of society and stimulate their love for careers. However, considering student safety, the school made many urgent adjustments to internships during the epidemic.

  The school adjusted the internship location in time to avoid high-risk areas of the epidemic, organized experienced teachers to go to the new site for assessment, polished the emergency plan, and explained the situation to the parents.

"The efficiency of some internship units has been impaired, and the internship salaries provided to students are lower than last year, and we have repeatedly communicated." He also realized that more internship sites will be established in the future and practical training will be integrated throughout the teaching process.

  Online Breakthrough: Cloud Recruitment has become a sweet potato

  In June, as buses full of students left the school, the internship recruitment for graduates of the Automotive Engineering College of Hefei Vocational and Technical College ended. 423 students from three majors including automobile inspection and maintenance went to 932 of 50 companies. Internships in three professional positions.

  "It's really a beautiful battle!" Zhang Zhigang, the intern instructor of the college, said with emotion that the epidemic mainly affected the progress of the internship of 2018 students. Compared with last year, their internship time was delayed by more than one month.

  The college resolutely adopted online recruitment, reviewed the qualifications of participating companies, and finally finalized the 50 companies that have long-term cooperation to broadcast live on Dingding.

“Teachers communicate with students in advance, inform them of the key points and communication skills of online job hunting, and guide students in PPT and resume production.” Zhang Zhigang said with emotion that the company is also very responsible, discussing internship treatment and training plans with teachers and students online.

  "Cloud Recruitment" also brought new inspiration to Zhang Zhigang, "Teachers must learn Internet thinking. Take automobile inspection as an example. Models are updated quickly and new technologies are constantly emerging. Teachers can only continuously improve online learning and teaching capabilities and make timely adjustments. Teaching plans can actively guide students to adapt to changes."

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many vocational colleges have sought to “break through” online, and “cloud recruitment” and “cloud employment services” have become new choices.

  The tourism industry has been greatly affected by the epidemic, which has affected the internship arrangements for majors in tourism management such as the School of Economics, Trade and Tourism of Hefei Vocational and Technical College.

  "Last year, the college added hotels in the Yangtze River Delta region as internship sites. Recently, we have been learning about the resumption of work in the hotel industry, sending teachers to visit, or online to learn about it through videos and photos." Zhao Hong, the dean of the college, introduced , At the beginning of February, all administrative staff of the college arrived at their posts, and together with the head teacher and counselor, they collected the students' learning situation, internship and employment wishes online, and opened 116 courses online.

  The college also guides the graduating students to participate in the "cloud preaching" and first contact the company online.

Zhao Hong observed that several times during the "cloud preaching", the internship unit "robbed people".

Many companies offer incentives to attract students, and some companies use QQ groups during interviews to invite students to communicate further.

  "The tourism industry is experiencing a cold winter. Students must practice their internal skills. Prepare for the orderly participation in internships and become powerful assistants for enterprises." During the epidemic, the college teachers also gave online lectures to explain the employment situation and policies.

Seize every opportunity to make a fuss online, "grab" time to ensure internship and employment.

  Zhao Hong introduced that at present, all students in the tourism management graduating class have found an internship unit, and the students of the school-enterprise "order class" cooperating with Anhui Hotel have also been on duty.

  Innovative ideas: online "simulation operation" classroom

  At the same time, many vocational colleges are testing the water for online practice teaching.

  Thanks to online training, Lanzhou Vocational and Technical College's pre-school education major did not fall into practice learning during the period when he talked about Xiaodong's "house" home.

Corporate culture, kindergarten activity design and implementation, kindergarten physical intelligence curriculum design... On February 10th, he and 4 other students came into contact with the network practice course.

He has not yet joined the job, he has a general understanding of the future work content.

After the kindergarten started in June, he officially started the internship due to his proficient business skills and outstanding performance.

  Tan Xiaodong's experience is exactly the same as that of many students-the internship was hindered by the epidemic and took the help of the Internet.

  Affected by the epidemic, the internship time for juniors in Hulunbuir Vocational and Technical College in Inner Mongolia has been postponed by nearly 3 months.

From March to June, Bai Liming, a student majoring in applied chemical technology at the college, will take 6 hours of on-the-job internship online every day.

He said that the online platform uses 3D virtual technology to restore scenes and equipment, and he can perform online simulation operations.

  During the online class, Bai Liming could see the simulated work scene. He first chose to wear labor protection supplies.

Afterwards, the course will pop up a "task list", and Bai Liming needs to complete the operations step by step, such as checking the pump operation status and cold logistics tank transportation.

Immediately after that, the interface will display the specific operations to be performed, and will also evaluate the learning gains.

  Currently, Bai Liming is intern at Hulun Buir Jinxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

He told reporters, “I am familiar with every machine when I enter the factory for internship.” By repeatedly watching online courses for simulation operations, Bai Liming has mastered the basic theoretical knowledge and operating procedures.

  But Bai Liming also feels that online internships have "a sense of distance."

During the previous training class, students would ask questions at any time if they did not understand, and the teacher would answer them immediately.

"But the interaction between online classes and teachers is relatively small." He said that the devices on the screen are invisible and intangible, so there are still many things that I don't understand in offline operations.

  Yu Peng, director of the teaching and scientific research office of the chemical engineering department of the school, introduced that students not only practice online, but also use the summer vacation to visit and study in the company.

"We have also promoted the training of modern apprenticeship orders and signed agreements with companies to meet the needs of students for internship and employment. In mid-August, 52 students from the two majors have successively entered the counterpart companies for internships."

  Hefei Preschool Teachers College also adopted online “first aid”.

Kong Jian, director of the employment guidance center of the school, introduced that during the on-the-job internship, preschool education students go to kindergartens or preschool education institutions to serve as intern teachers and assist childcare workers.

Because of the epidemic, kindergartens and education and training institutions were closed, students were anxious at home, and some employers that had originally intended to sign contracts had no choice but to "repent".

  In this regard, the school has established an online education platform with related companies.

"In daily teaching, we try to combine online and offline. Therefore, regular course resources are readily available. We have specially added internship modules, online career planning and innovation and entrepreneurship courses, and simulated explanations in preschool education institutions and training institutions. Work responsibilities and process, let students keep up with the progress." Kong Jian introduced.

  "From this point of view, it is important to promote the concept of'full practice'. Our students go to kindergarten at least 60 times from entering school to graduation. The focus of internship at each stage is different. In the internship stage, we focus more on how to communicate with parents. Integrating educational concepts and teaching methods into routine work.” He called on higher vocational colleges to promote more reasonable and flexible internship models, and graduates should also adjust their psychological expectations, with the concept of finding employment first and then choosing a career, and consider adopting Various ways to complete internships, employment and academic qualifications.

  If you want to acquire skills, you have to "real swords and guns"

  In the post-epidemic era, many parties have their own opinions on the advantages, disadvantages and prospects of internship "on the net".

  Tian Zhaohui, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Hulunbuir Vocational and Technical College, supports online internships.

He believes that with the help of online platform technology, the pattern of “three-dimensional education” of all-staff education, full-process education, and all-round education has been better realized.

"Before students went to enterprises for internships, how to efficiently supervise and manage students has always been a problem that plagued teachers. Now through the online platform, the management of students' internships has become convenient, scientific and effective."

  He added that during the internship in the company, students need to complete the check-in task on the platform, and the teacher can check the student's check-in status and the completion of the internship training homework.

In addition, the platform will also score based on the comprehensive situation of students' internships.

  Yuan Xiao, an associate professor at the Vocational Teachers College of Chongqing Normal University, has a different view.

She believes that it is difficult to fully achieve practical results to instruct students online, just like "driving a car on a blackboard" and "learning practical operations across the screen."

She said that the new methods of online teaching can be explored, are worthy of encouragement, and can be used as auxiliary means, but the real skills acquisition requires offline practice, exploration, trial and error, and hand-to-hand inheritance.

  She also suggested that higher vocational colleges should provide students with an offline internship training platform for professional skills training as much as possible, supplemented by an online training and management, teaching, feedback, and tracking system to closely connect schools, enterprises, and students Get up and improve students' professional skills and practical level in an all-round way, so that students can develop good professional ethics and comprehensive abilities, and effectively respond to various emergencies.

  China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Wang Haihan, Wang Hao, trainee reporter Shi Jia Source: China Youth Daily

  Version 06, October 19, 2020