Last week, DN revealed that opinion leader Hamid Zafar for several years wrote hateful posts about Jews and homosexuals online.

After that, the management of På spåret decided that the two episodes in which he participated were deleted.

He competed together with Frida Boisen.

Now Louise Epstein and Thomas Nordegren will return to the program to meet the same groups that Zafar met, Sanna Lundell and Plura Jonsson and the team Farah Abadi and Johan Glans, in two new episodes.

- We do it because we think we should make a good effort for public service.

It would be boring for viewers if you could not do these programs.

That is why we said yes at short notice, says Louise Epstein.

"Fun and shitty"

She adds that it will be fun this time, despite the mixed feelings she had during her recent participation in the program.

- It was both fun and shitty.

But now I think this will be some kind of CBT.

That I will do this and then I will be free from my a little hard feelings when it comes to On the track, says Epstein.