China News Service, Hong Kong, October 19 (Reporter Liu Chenyao) Talking about the content of the new "Policy Address" to be announced, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that he attaches great importance to education. Social welfare, medical care and other livelihood issues are also very important.

  Carrie Lam told reporters that every year before the "Policy Address" is published, many citizens have petitioned and made many demands. She and her colleagues will listen carefully to see what can be incorporated into the "Policy Address".

At the same time, she said frankly: "We are a relatively small government, and government expenditure only accounts for about 1/5 of the entire GDP, so there are limitations." Therefore, not every requirement can be met.

Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, accepts an exclusive interview with China News Agency "China Focus Face to Face".

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Wei

  "My personal philosophy for education is that education is too important. It is a problem of cultivating the next generation, especially Hong Kong is a place where talents gather. Without people, we will not have economic growth." Carrie Lam told reporters that she herself From taking office in 2017 to the present, 13 billion Hong Kong dollars has been invested in education each year, and resources have been invested in higher education and basic education.

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor believes that the government's work on education is not only about giving money, but also about management, so that such an important cause of education can follow a correct path.

  Regarding the requirements of the public, Carrie Lam said that in addition to education, social welfare and medical care are also important.

She introduced that Hong Kong’s medical system is basically a public medical system. Therefore, every year, a large number of citizens hope that the SAR government will do well on how to manage Hong Kong’s public medical services and how to shorten the waiting time.

"I am willing to use more public resources to improve people's lives within the scope of my ability. Therefore, since 2017, when I took office, I have increased the government's recurrent expenditure by more than 30%, so I increase it by 10% every year. "Lin Zhengyue-e told reporters that in the past few years the economy has not been very good, such an effort is very difficult.

  In addition, she also revealed that in the near future, she will go to Beijing to discuss with some ministries and commissions about new preferential port policies, including finance, science and technology, and transportation, which are expected to be included in the fourth "policy address" during her term of office.

"Of course, there are some related to people's livelihood, related to customs clearance after the epidemic, and the supply of vaccines developed and produced in the Mainland in the future." Carrie Lam said.