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This day should look like a start for Karine Baste-Régis.

This Monday evening will be his first time at the helm of the France 2


, the famous

20 hours


A new start that seems to excite as much as stress the one who had been presenting


news for a year

, if we are to believe her Twitter account, where she responds to the encouragement of the holder of the

8 pm


I will probably call him 100 times until 7:57 pm 😁😁🤪

Thank you for your kindness #AnneSophieLapix ☺️👊🙏

Meet tonight on @ infofrance2!

# 20H pic.twitter.com/7uULY2X6TT

- Karine Baste-Régis (@Kbasteregis) October 19, 2020

The arrival of Karine Baste-Régis follows the departure of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau for TF1, replacing Jean-Pierre Pernaut who left for “other projects”.

A game of musical chairs then started: Julian Bugier, who was joker of Anne-Sophie Lapix at

8 p.m.

of France 2, took the lead at

1 p.m.

, and Karine Baste-Régis the post of Julian Bugier.

Nicknamed "KBR"

Karine Baste-Régis is a 37-year-old journalist from Martinique, who worked on the Martinique la 1ère channel, later in the 

Soir 3 Week-end

and in the morning of France Info before joining



8 pm


She was an image reporter before becoming a presenter.

"KBR", as it is called, is "very

carpe diem

», Ready to seize what life offers him day by day.

She also describes herself as "an extraterrestrial, who never watches the audience curves", according to

Le Parisien



"What is at stake today is the normalization of the visibility of overseas territories", observes Nella Bipat, presenter of "Les Témoins d'Outre-mer"


Julian Bugier replaces Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, part for TF1, at the "13h00" of France 2

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