A liner at the port of Le Havre on August 31, 2019. -


“Luxury cruising is the worst form of travel for the environment and the climate.

The European Federation for Transport and the Environment draws up a catastrophic record of cruise ships.

“These boats release carbon dioxide, methane, but also black carbon,” explains Faïg Abbasov, responsible for the “navigation” program at the European Federation for Transport and the Environment.

Not to mention nitrogen, sulfur oxide, suspended particles, various waste… All of this is released both into the air and into the water.

Ongoing measures

“Cruise ships are powered by the most polluting fuel possible,” continues Faïg Abbasov.

They spew poisonous fuels that cause immeasurable harm to both those on board and those on the nearby coasts.


Find out how the cruise lines and the International Maritime Organization are trying to change things so that the giants of the seas are less polluting in this video from our partner Brut:



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