[Explanation] On the evening of October 18th, the previously much-watched "Ten-faced Lingbi Picture Scroll" was sold for RMB 512.9 million in Beijing, setting a record for auction transactions of ancient Chinese art and becoming the world's most expensive Chinese art this year.

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  446 million people, for the last time, congratulations, 446 million, 8133.

  [Explanation] That night, the special auction for the 15th anniversary celebration of Poly Auction "Wu Bin's "Ten-faced Lingbi Picture Volume" and Shi-faced Lingbi Mountain House Collection of Calligraphy and Paintings" was held in Beijing.

"The Ten-faced Lingbi Picture Scroll" was auctioned at a consultative price. The initial bid on site was 100 million yuan, and then buyers directly bid to 200 million. Since then, new buyers continue to join in. The bidding price reaches 300 million after a few minutes. After many minutes of bidding, the hammer was finally dropped at 446 million yuan, and the final transaction price was 512.9 million yuan with 15% commission.

  [Concurrent] Fan Changjiang, General Manager of Beijing Poly Auctions Ancient Paintings and Calligraphy

  This price should be a world record at the moment. It must be the highest record for an ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy, and also the highest record for a single piece of Chinese art.

It was a world record 30 years ago, and it is also a world record now. Maybe in the future, it should be said that it is, and it cannot be said that it is possible. It should still be a record.

Because this work of art, especially Wu Bin's work, its uniqueness, its creativity, its artistic value, and its own ideological value are here, and everyone can understand it.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the "Ten-faced Lingbi Picture Scroll" was written by the court painter Wu Bin of the Ming Dynasty, about 1610 AD.

This person is considered to be one of the main advocates and leaders of the "transformationist style of painting" and "revival of the classic landscape painting style of the Northern Song Dynasty" in the late Ming Dynasty.

In the Ming Dynasty, Mi Wan loved stone and became an addiction. In the Wanli Wushen year, he received a Lingbi stone when he took office in Liuhe County, Nanjing. This stone has a magnificent shape, impressive facets, and the beauty of the five elements.

Mi Wanzhong was overjoyed and invited his friend painter Wu Bin to make this stone statue.

  Wu Bin then drew ten pictures, each of which depicts different sides of the strange stone in real size, that is, the strange stone is presented in ten paintings from ten angles.

In addition to the traditional Chinese painting pen and ink, the paintings also refer to geometric principles, rhythms and five elements. The painting methods and concepts are all original creations of ancient and modern.

After the painting was completed, Mi Wanzhong walked thousands of miles away and asked the leaders of the painting circle Dong Qichang, Chen Jiru, Li Weizhen, and Zhishi's former cabinet chief who returned to his hometown to write a postscript to his high friends.

  After entering the Qing dynasty, this picture scroll was secretly stored a hundred years later and traveled across the ocean.

In December 1989, the "Ten-faced Lingbi Picture Book" was sold for the first time at Sotheby's New York auction. It was sold at a sky-high price of US$1.21 million. It became a sensation and became the first time that Sotheby's auction has broken Chinese paintings and calligraphy. Transaction record of ten thousand dollars.

31 years later, this work reappeared at auction and once again set a record for sales.

  It is reported that that night was the first offline auction after Beijing Poly's epidemic. Industry insiders believe that the high-priced transaction of "The Ten-faced Lingbi Picture Scroll" has greatly boosted the ancient painting and calligraphy market.

  [Concurrent] Fan Changjiang, General Manager of Beijing Poly Auctions Ancient Paintings and Calligraphy

  This is our first offline shoot after the epidemic, and we should be very happy to achieve such a result.

In particular, the sale of Wu Bin's "Shin-faced Lingbi Picture Scroll" and the sale of the master's collection of paintings of "Shi-faced Lingbi Picture Scroll" may be a great boost to the ancient calligraphy and painting market.

  Reporter Fan Siyi Song Yusheng reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】