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They appeared last year in the Alcaidesa Marina, making themselves known among nautical vessels for their garish colors in contrast to the sea.

Built in Poland, these ten motorized boats also have another clear difference: they are designed to live at least one weekend.

If you have never tried sleeping in a houseboat, now you have a chance in the Mediterranean, a stone's throw from the unmistakable Rock of Gibraltar.

"We were looking for a new and ecological concept of tourism, in contact with nature," explains Bárbara Rokjkes, one of the people in charge of this project devised by a group of family and friends, grandchildren of European immigrants.

Houseboats have always been associated with a nomadic and bohemian way of life, although in recent years they have become fashionable as an alternative that allows living in urban areas at a slightly more affordable price.

In Amsterdam there are about 2,500 houseboats spread over its intricate network of canals.

The ten little houses at Bout House are on the seafront, facing the Gibraltar border.

In ten minutes walk you are at the passport control of the British territory.

"The view is unique. We have the Rock in our noses."

You get here looking for relaxation and disconnection.

"Living and floating on water is a spectacular sensation," says Bárbara to VIAJES de El Mundo.

It is also a way of bringing people closer to the marinas of cities and for them to get to know and interact with the world of sailing.

"We love the mix of people from different places that come together in this same place, a kind of community of travelers," adds this Buenos Aires.

The houseboat looks in part like a caravan.

"They are small houses with kitchen, bathroom with shower, television, air conditioning ... everything a house needs to have but in a compact format."

In addition to a double bed, a bunk bed and even a sofa bed.

Ideal for four or five guests and, of course, for a family.

"The children do not forget to spend a night here. They run around the dock, they pretend to be captains of the ship ... the parents have a hard time getting them out of the port to see other things."

By a staircase you go up to the terrace.

Each boat has its own terrace with a table and deck chair to watch the beautiful sunsets of the port.

Wifi, too.

And parking in the marina itself so that travelers forget about the car and use the courtesy bikes available.

The service is completed by a continental breakfast that Boat Haus brings out to its guests every morning on trays.

Homemade coffee, juice, fruit, and muffins brought from a local bakery.

Could you travel in these boat houses?

"They can move because they are registered as a boat. They have a motor and a license, but they are not suitable for sailing in this open sea area. It would imply a lot of risk. But they have everything a boat has to have. They are only moored for safety", explains Barbara.


Boat Haus.

Alcaidesa Marina sports port.

The Line of the Conception.



80 euros / night


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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