Ariake Sea Nori Culture Starts all at once in Saga, Fukuoka, and Kumamoto Prefectures October 18, 11:05

Nori cultivation in the Ariake Sea began all at once in three prefectures in Kyushu on the 18th, and fishermen's cooperatives started to set up nets in the sea early in the morning.

Ariake sea seaweed cultivation has been decided every year while observing the temperature and tide conditions of seawater, and this season started all at once in the three prefectures of Saga, Fukuoka and Kumamoto from the 18th.

Of these, off the coast of Saga City, the people of the fishery cooperative who boarded a small boat for work started to set up a net in the sea early in the morning.

The net was attached with a oyster shell containing glue spores, and the net was fixed one after another to columns that were erected at equal intervals.

This is because the heavy rain that hit Kyushu in July caused a large amount of driftwood, garbage, and other drifting objects to flow, and we were forced to remove them until the end of August.

Saga Prefecture Ariake Sea Fisheries Cooperative Chairman Satoshi Nishikubo said, "The conditions for getting a soft and delicious glue with a sufficiently low water temperature have been met for the first time in the last few years. I want to protect the best in Japan." I did.

According to the fishery cooperative, if it grows well, the "Ichiban Nori" will be picked in the middle of next month.