3 workshops on the last day of the event

Light painting and innovative flashes in "Art brings us together"

  • The first workshop was titled: "Disney Animation: Making Characters Real."

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With animation, video photography, and innovative photography techniques, the "Art brings us together" event, launched by the "Fann" Foundation concerned with promoting and supporting media art for children and young people in the UAE, concluded the day before yesterday, its five-day program.

The first remote workshop held on the last day of the event was titled “Disney Animation: Turning Characters into Reality,” presented by Amy Smead, Head of Animation Department at the famous Walt Disney Animation Studios, in which she introduces children to the world of animation. Gif and its secrets.

Amy explained to the participants the difference between fast and slow flashes in making movies.

It reviewed the mechanism of making an animated film, starting from drawing the story, then defining the features of the characters, choosing backgrounds and making appropriate improvements to the images, ending with building characters in the form of complete sculptures in the character building section, and finally building digital structures to move the characters, where every step is implemented in this The operation is in a specialized department.

Amy said: “It takes about a year to build the characters, while the production process needs a period ranging between two and five years, as the painter must work accurately and go into the depths of the character in order to be able to move it properly, and other details, and the secret here is to preserve the character Simple personality and keep away from complexity ».

It is noteworthy that Amy Semaid started working with "Disney" since her graduation from the Faculty of Arts. She described her experience in the animation studio in enriching her knowledge and developing her skills until she got her golden opportunity in the movie "Chicken Little" in 2005, as part of a training program. In it, to continue her creative career in a series of the most amazing animated films, such as: "Frozen", "Tangled", "The Robinsons' Family", "Moana" and others.

Video shooting

For her part, the photography expert, Arya Chitra, of the Nikon Child Photography Club, presented to the young participants a workshop entitled "Basics of Video Photography", in which they learned about the importance of light in improving the quality of photography.

She said: “Shooting with natural light is more difficult than in the case of artificial lights, and the light source and the reflective panels (usually white panels) must be facing each other. On the other hand, the background is very important in focusing on the subject or product being photographed. A busy background can take the focus off the main subject. ”

Arya added, "Perspective is an essential element in professional video shooting, and the photographer must plan in advance for the best way and position to present the product or topic, and determine the number of shots required to show it from all sides."

With the camera

While the American photographer Ryan Bales presented the children with a special session entitled "The Secrets of Photography and Painting with Light", in which they learned about DIY techniques for "Do It Yourself", in addition to a number of technical tips and tricks to take unique pictures using the things in the house.

Palais showed a number of artistic tricks in photography, such as placing the camera on a towel or cloth, or on any long flat surface and pulling it to create a sense of movement, or drawing a sun (the size of a camera lens) with a colored pen on a resealable bag, as the rays of light that pass through help With it, when dragged over the camera lens, it gives the subject a luminous aura.

Demonstrate the method of using petroleum jelly around the edges of the UV filter and place it on the lens to obtain the effect of fogging when photographing, or making a puddle of water to obtain reflected images, and placing an old CD under the lens to impart movement to the light used.

Unique character

American photographer Ryan Bales confirmed, during the "Secrets of Photography and Painting with Light", that "Simple tricks, such as using small lights or illuminated lamps, or even a mobile phone and moving them manually during a long exposure, can lead to effects similar to painting with light. It gives the pictures a unique and distinct character. ”

Amy semolina:

"The painter has to work carefully and go deep into the character in order to be able to move it properly."

Arya Chitra:

"A busy background during photography can take the focus off the main subject."

The mechanism of making an animated film, starting with drawing the story.

Tricks for taking unique photos using things around the home.

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