Visits and exchange of ideas on ways to advance the sector

Dubai Culture continues dialogue with the creative community

  • The visits come to gain views and perceptions of those involved in cultural and creative work.

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The Director General of the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai (Dubai Culture), Hala Badri, confirmed that the authority focuses on constant communication with the components of the creative community, and working with its partners to create the appropriate climate for the continuity of the various fields of cultural work, and to enable its workers to move forward with the giving, despite the repercussions. That the "Covid-19" pandemic left behind.

She added that “Dubai Culture’s role lies in sponsoring, supporting, encouraging and organizing cultural work in the emirate, within the authority’s vision of a renewed landscape that preserves our heritage and history, and in light of the new situation, one must think about the existing challenges in our surroundings, and how to find the most appropriate solutions to face them.”

Finally, Badri indicated, during a visit to the “Al Serkal Avenue” complex, which is one of the most prominent areas incubating cultural events in Dubai, that these visits and meetings come to find out the opinions and perceptions of those involved, and to exchange ideas on ways to advance this vital sector.

"We will work during the next phase, in light of the outputs of these important dialogues, to develop an objective national plan, which will be a solid pillar to enhance the support provided to creators, and to achieve our strategic priorities for the sector, in order to establish Dubai as an incubator for creativity and a leading center on the world’s cultural map," she stressed.

Hala Badri met during a visit to "Al Serkal Avenue", founder of Al Serkal Complex, Abdel Moneim Bin Issa Al Serkal, and a group of Emirati and resident artists, in a number of exhibitions hosted by the destination, in addition to the Moroccan plastic artist, Mohamed Melehi, in the "Concrete" exhibition.

The visit comes as a continuation of a series of inspection visits that Hala Badri made to a number of sites in the cultural and creative sector in the emirate, and included a visit to the exhibition of Emirati artist and photographer Aisha Al-Abbar "Aisha Al-Abbar Art Gallery", in a move aimed at encouraging and supporting local talent in Dubai.

Badri considered that “these meetings come within the framework of one of the axes of the authority’s updated strategy to support and preserve the creative talents of Emiratis and residents, and to attract creative people in various fields of arts and culture from around the world to study, live and work in Dubai, providing them with a platform for growth and prosperity in one of the The most desirable and ambitious destination in the world ».

Hala Badri:

• «We seek with the Commission’s partners to find the most appropriate solutions to face the challenges».

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