Corona influence “Energize the locals” Concert at a cafe Tochigi Nasu Town October 18, 7:20


A cafe in a tourist resort in Tochigi Prefecture, which had been closed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, held a concert in cooperation with a local musician who had fewer opportunities to perform in order to rejuvenate the local area.

The concert was held at "Tea Garden Nature", a cafe in Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture, where the tourist destination Nasu Kogen is located.

The singer JJ and others who are active mainly in Tochigi prefecture were invited, and the stage has decreased sharply due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and it is the first time in eight months to sing in front of the audience.

Unfortunately it was raining on the 17th, but about 20 people including regular customers gathered and listened to pop music on the floor where infection measures were taken such as opening the glass door.

The cafe that was sponsored was also forced to close for half a year from spring, so he called on JJ and others to use the garden to rejuvenate the local community.

A woman in her 60s in the prefecture said, "I was impressed with the good singing voice. If you can have a concert in this way, I definitely want you to do it again."

After the concert, JJ said with joy, "It's a difficult situation due to the influence of Corona, but the audience was impressed and I was also impressed."