Why did Yun's wife, Lee, take her husband to the valley that day?

In SBS'I want to know that', broadcast on the 17th, the case of Yoon, who died in a diving accident, was illuminated with the subtitle'The Last Diving of the Day-Gapyeong Valley Drowning Case Mystery'.

In June of last year, a fatal accident occurred at Yongso Falls in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do. Yoon Sang-yeop drowned after diving after going to play with his acquaintances. And the production crew contacted this incident through Yoon's wife, Lee.

Lee told the production crew that he was in a dispute with an insurance company over 800 million won in her husband's death insurance. He added that all insurance was purchased with the consent of the husband.

After that, the production crew began tracking the case over a dispute with the insurance company. And during the interview, the crew contacted Yoon's family. Yoon's older sister revealed that the investigation is underway because new information has been obtained in the death of her younger brother. And the suspect in the case was none other than Yoon's wife, Lee. In addition, Mr. Lee is currently under investigation for insurance fraud and murder.

Yoon's family said, "I don't know how the two met," about Yun's wife, and looked suspiciously starting from the relationship between Lee and her younger brother, who is more than 10 years old. And because of what happened after his brother's death, he said he could not erase his doubts about Lee.

Mr. Lee said he had a child that he had hidden from his family after Yoon’s death, and that he had adopted the child with Mr. Yoon's permission.

This fact was not known to his family until Yun's death, and no one came to the funeral.

And in less than 100 days after Yoon's death, Mr. Lee took an incomprehensible behavior, such as enjoying water leisure and traveling abroad with his daughter and friends.

He also said he couldn't believe he drowned after diving the night of the accident.

However, according to the testimony of witnesses such as Mr. Lee, he could not find him because the surface was calm after diving, and when he went into the water and tried to find him, his vision was poor, so he quit and reported.

Insisted that the accident was evident.

Mr. Lee said that lately, the party threw life-saving tubes and rescued her husband, but they couldn't find it, and after the rescue team, who received a report, arrived and found her husband and confirmed the death.

And the cause of death confirmed through the autopsy report was clearly drowning.

His blood alcohol level was not too high and there was no special suspicion of killing, such as trauma, and the police considered him to have drowned.

However, Yun's acquaintances said they could not understand that he was swimming or diving.

And Lee insisted that her husband couldn't swim at all, and the crew confirmed that he had even taken swimming lessons.

Through the interview, the production crew attempted an interview with only one witness who had not been investigated by the police.

And Choi, who was Lee's friend, responded by saying that he would reveal everything he knew.

Mr. Choi said, "I met Yoon for the first time that day. I knew we were going with you on the same day. Mr. Lee only introduced me as a close brother, and he didn't even talk to me," he said. I remembered.

Even just before the accident, she had no idea that Yun was her husband.

However, he said the accident was evident when he saw the situation on the site.

And Choi said that on the day of the accident, Yoon mainly played in a tube in shallow water, and later only spent time outside.

The last time he was diving, Mr. Lee said that he had a strong impression that he forced him to climb.

At that time, with a scream, Yun disappeared from sight, and he claimed that there was Mr. Jo near the point of his fall.

But at this time, when Mr. Lee proposed to take him to find the life-saving tube, and came back after leaving, Mr. Jo said he was in a state of being close to the land and away from the fall point.

Choi said, "I was in a relationship with Mr. Lee. Even when I came to play, I kept showing love with Mr. Yun. I can't understand how we came together."

In fact, Mr. Lee revealed about the existence of his inner boy, Jo.

And he also revealed to the production crew that he is still living with him.

Accordingly, the production crew found a house in the name of Yoon, where Lee currently lives.

The residents I met there commented on CCTV, saying that various bills were still flying in front of Mr. Yun's vehicle.

It is said that he has witnessed Lee's suspicion through CCTV.

Then the production team asked for a CCTV video.

However, it has already been found that the videos at that time have been deleted.

Accordingly, the production crew tried to restore the CCTV footage in front of Yun's house, and looked at the images one by one and captured the images at the time of the accident.

The first video I found was Yun, who was waiting for his wife before going to the water on June 30.

And after a while, it was also spotted that Mr. Jo drove away in a car in his name.

And two days later, a white foreign car appeared at dawn.

The ones who got out of the car were his wife Lee and his inner brother Jo.

The wife was in mourning.

The two went into the house above Mr. Yun and came out with a jumper 40 minutes later.

On July 3, when he was born, Jo returned to the house of a woman other than Lee and Yun, and left the house with various items such as the PC body.

Accordingly, the production team asked Jo why he left with Yun's goods.

However, Mr. Jo refused to be interviewed only because he was angry with the crew attempting the interview.

Yun, who had a fairly high salary and had enough assets before marriage, applied for personal rehabilitation.

As a result, Mr. Lee said that his house was a recipient of basic living, so Yun helped, and that Mr. Yoon, who lived and enjoyed spending money rather than collecting money, had a debt and applied for personal rehabilitation.

During the interview process, the production crew heard a new story in the town where Mr. Lee lived in the past.

It was confirmed that Lee lived with young men her age, which also coincided with the time she married Yun.

In addition, Mr. Lee was shocked by the fact that he was married to Yun and even married another man before breaking marriage.

Therefore, Lee refused to be interviewed and saved his words.

Even afterwards, points that were difficult to understand were spotted.

Yun and Lee's newlyweds lived by Lee's friend, not the couple.

And Yun confirmed that he tried to deal with real estate several times in addition to the newlyweds, but destroyed it in the middle.

Yun, who received a stable salary of 400 per month and raised about 340 million won before marriage, made several requests to lend a small amount to her friends before her death.

His wife, Mr. Lee, urged him not to pay the personal rehabilitation reimbursement money, which aroused doubt.

On December 31, 2018, Yoon, who was struggling with various debts, posted an article on his SNS, which means'Selling Ghost Helicopters', which means illegal organ trading.

He also confirmed that he had written articles such as that he bought a climbing rope to commit suicide.

Two days before his death, a couple who traveled abroad, and Mr. Yun, asked a friend abroad to lend him 3,000 won, saying he had no money to buy food.

In response, a friend said, "It was early morning on Saturday, and I went to play the next day and got into an accident. At that time, it wasn't the atmosphere to go to play."

And it turned out that the insurance, where Yun was the insured, was ineffective several times.

However, just before it went into effect, he paid the insurance money and managed to keep the insurance.

In addition, Yoon's death was four hours before the insurance expired.

In this regard, an expert analyzed, "It is possible to morally criticize the relationship between his wife Lee and Jo. However, it cannot be concluded that there is a direct connection to this thinking alone."

At this point, the production crew conducted an experiment to reproduce the situation at the time based on the witness's testimony.

The expert said, "It looks like a process from getting drowned to drowning." "It must have been because there was a corner I could trust. I had the belief that there was someone to help me, so I jumped."

However, there was a gap of time that the witness Choi did not see.

It took about 2 minutes and 10 seconds to go back and forth to get the life tube.

And during this time, the witness testified that Mr. Cho was closer to the land than Mr. Yun's fall point and was turning in the direction as if coming out.

The expert said, "Even though there was a tube next to it, and it was a distance that I could approach enough, it feels like I wasn't going close." Is a possible distance."

And a forensic expert pointed out the foam found in both of his bronchi.

He said, "The foam is a trace of what he was trying to live with. It is impossible to understand that he didn't see him after falling," he said.

Experts said they needed to investigate whether their actions were intended or not.

At the same time, he said that it would be necessary to check the social background or history related to the fatal accident, and to determine the existence of a crime by grasping the context well.

Still, he said that the possibility of an accident cannot be ruled out, and pointed out that it is a problem that cannot be judged only in the area of ​​doubt, regardless of whether or not he loved the husband.

In addition, the expert said, "If someone is missing, you have a duty to rescue. If you can easily rescue, but if left unattended, this is an omission." I advised.

Lee, who said that Yoon is supporting her home.

However, Lee's mother insisted that she was living with only basic benefits, saying she did not receive any money from Yun.

He added that the only time I met my son-in-law was when I visited my daughter before marriage.

Before his death, Yoon left a note on his cell phone notepad, "I don't have the strength to hold up anymore. My wife won't be able to feel my vacancy, I don't think I will come to the funeral."

In response, an expert said, "Why did I think this way, I think I was sure I wouldn't do it as a wife," and said, "I knew that I was a person who could get away from me. I couldn't have done it. I may have lived like that as if I was tamed,” he said bitterly.

Lastly, experts said, "It is important to prove yourself innocent in order to receive 800 million won of insurance money by your wife. It is necessary to actively clarify and understand that you lost your husband through accidental accidents rather than involved or intended accidents. There is," he said, "but there are certainly many doubts. We will have to look at the reasons why the insurance was not invalidated and maintained in a poor situation."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Hyo-jeong)