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[Gollum] Busy 262: More than a friendly'knowing brother' <Health teacher Eunyoung Ahn>

"Unfortunately, Eunyoung Ahn wasn't an ordinary health teacher. Eunyoung's handbag always contains a BB gun and a funnel-shaped toy that grows in rainbow colors. There's a knife in. Why should a healthy woman in her 30s carry these things every day, but it doesn't mean she doesn't hurt her, but it can't be helped. In fact, it's because she's not fine. Eunyoung Ahn, a private M high school with a simple personality who is teased by friends as an older brother she always knows. Teacher. She has the ability to see so-called invisible things and fight them."

A woman in her thirties, her job is a school health teacher, and her name is Ahn.Eun.Young.

He seems not to be ordinary, he is also a hidden status-exorcist.

The one who first appeared in the short story'I love you, Jellyfish' released in the 2010 fantasy literature webzine'Mirror'...

It was born as a book in 2015 and was reborn as a video in 2020.

The book <Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young>, which has been published in a special edition commemorating the 5th anniversary of the novel's publication and the visualization of the work, is a busy choice this week.

On the stage of a high school, there is a boy student who likes Hye-hyun, a girl nicknamed Jellyfish-Jellyfish.

Something is stuck in the neck, and a health teacher appears to remove it.

However, Seung-kwon went away as if he was running away without being treated properly, and his homeroom teacher was a Chinese teacher... 10 episodes from'I Love You, Jellyfish', which is the beginning of a series of novels and also introduces characters, to'The two of us were in a blast'. There is a short story.

"Why did I choose a nurse as my job? No, no. I feel more and more as the years go by, but it seems that people do not choose a job, but a job chooses people. I don't like words like mission basically, so I accept and accept it. It's true that I gave up early on living an easy life."

“There were some thoughts that the graduates would have abandoned. The lumps of violence and competition, the remnants of old antagonism, dishonor and shame lay in the dark. Eun-young sighs for a long time, then stretches out the toy knife with a wrist snap. I started cutting dirty lumps."

"Eunyoung once thought that way. It's ridiculous to say that she was so dangerous and hard that she had no financial reward. But the people who could reward her for her abilities were usually greedy people. She only used her for bad things. I was going to write a very bad kind of contractor, I didn't want to be... Because the

world wasn't fair

, I didn't want

to abandon her kindness. Eunyoung's job was close to the kindness Eunyoung showed to the world."

"Ahn Eun-young was admiring the huge energy veil that was protecting the former Chinese teacher...

Someone who loved the teacher very much must have left a strong will even when he died. Why did he hurt his leg while receiving such protection? It's weird. He was a person who seemed difficult to get along with, but I thought he might have to seek help if things got worse. It was almost like a lucky charm to walk around.

As an exorcist, a health teacher who seeks to protect children from erotic energy and evil spirits by getting a job at school, and a Chinese-language teacher who wants to protect the school with the support of his grandfather as the actual owner of the school, have a common purpose, Go through an adventure.

If I reveal the contents of the back a little more... These demons and spirits are not very serious again, so a cheerful and comical energy flows all over the place.

The first image that comes to mind when I think about exorcism is...

This is Younghwandosa who defeats Kangsi and Deemarok.

The Hong Kong Gangshi movie was scary and popular, but I felt somehow coarse, and Lee Woo-hyuk's Exodus Rock was filled with people who were hurt by his abilities and destiny, and it seemed to be filled with something more tragic and depressing.

Health teacher Ahn Eun-young does not.

It's youthful, sweet, and weird, but strong... It would be very fun to have a friend like this.

The two main characters of the drama are also quite suitable.

Se-rang Jeong wrote in the words of the author.

“I wrote this story only for pleasure. At least once I thought it would work. So, if you didn’t feel the pleasure by reading this far, it would be my failure… It’s a

fun story that I could write forever. Someday again I hope I can use it again."

I look forward to'someday' coming back soon.

I hope that season 2 will come out as well.

*Reading permission has been obtained from the publishing company Minumsa.

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