Former snowboarder Bibian Mentel, who was diagnosed with cancer again in March 2019, was followed for a year by documentary maker Jesse Bleekmolen.

Bibian Mentel LEEF

can be seen from 21 October at streaming service Videoland.

"Filmmaking is my job, but this comes so close," said Bleekmolen, who was in



Thursday with Mentel and her husband Edwin Spee


"We knew at the beginning of this film that the end might also be the end of Bibian. With that in mind we started shooting."

"I want there to be a limit to my grief. We always say, just cry and then it's okay again. I hope it is inspiring for others who are in such a situation," said 48-year-old Mentel.

Illness recurred several times

Mentel has been struggling with various tumors in her body for a long time.

After she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2001, her lower leg had to be amputated to prevent metastasis.

Since then, the disease has returned several times.

She was operated on in March 2019 for a tumor on her spine and was initially unable to move her legs properly.

At the end of last year, a new tumor was discovered and a new operation took place.

Mentel became Dutch snowboard champion six times in the halfpipe and snowboard cross sections.

In 2002 she became Dutch snowboard cross champion again with a prosthesis.

She won gold medals at the 2014 and 2018 Paralympic Games.