China News Service, Beijing, October 16 (Reporter Ma Haiyan) The reporter learned from the Organizing Committee of the 18th Chinese Young Poets Award on the 16th that Hubei poet Tan Xiao, Yunnan poet Mang Yuan, and Jiangxi poet Zhou Yan won the prize.

Tan Xiao won the 18th Chinese Young Poet Award.

Photo by Xu Xueting

  The three award-winning poets are all "post-80s".

Tan Xiao was born in Enshi, Hubei in 1987. He graduated from Hubei University in 2012 and now lives in Wuhan. He is the author of a collection of poems "In Your Name" and "Flux to Peace".

Mang Yuan won the 18th Chinese Young Poet Award.

Photo by Xu Xueting

  Mangyuan, formerly known as Shu Xianfu, was born in 1981, a native of Nanzhaotong, the people's policeman, participated in the third "People's Literature" New Wave Poetry Conference, won the first Chinese Public Security Poetry Newcomer Award, and authored "Shu Xianfu Poems".

Zhou Yan won the 18th Chinese Young Poet Award.

Photo by Xu Xueting

  Zhou Xi, whose real name is Zhou Juanjuan, was born in Chongren County, Jiangxi Province in 1984. He is a national licensed pharmacist and Chinese physician. His poems have been selected in various annual anthologies. He is the author of a collection of poems "Compendium of Materia Medica and Poems 101 Flavors".

  The Chinese Young Poet Award was established in 2003 and is selected once a year. It has become a guidepost for young poetry writers.

The editorial committee of "Poetry Exploration", the organizer of the Chinese Young Poet Award, insists on selecting one prize, holding a symposium on winning poets, publishing an anthology of poems by winning poets, and recommending a winning poet to the "Four Ones" of Capital Normal University. Ways to make this poetry award rich and three-dimensional.

The continuous attention and support to the award-winning poets gave them unique authority and durability, and became an important award to encourage young poets to persist in creation.

  Founded in 1980, "Poetry Exploration" is the first research publication of Chinese new poems that combines poetry theory and poetry writing.

Xie Mian, a well-known poetry critic, director of the editorial committee of "Poetry Exploration", and director of the jury of the Chinese Young Poets Award, has high hopes for young poets, hoping that they will make achievements in inheriting poetry art, describing current life, and creating fine works.