The television program

Onze Boerderij

will be continued in early 2021.

Yvon Jaspers travels through Europe with previous participants to see how farmers in other countries do their work.

The presenter announced this on Thursday in an announcement on YouTube.


Onze Boerderij

, Jaspers already visited former participants of

Farmer Seeks Woman

, for a look behind the scenes at an agricultural company.


Onze Boerderij in Europe

she takes the same couples on a trip with a camper through Europe.

"Looking for farmers abroad," explains the 47-year-old presenter.

"How do they do it then? How do they survive in Denmark, Germany and Switzerland?"

A date for the new program has not yet been announced.

The KRO-NRCV has announced that

Onze Boerderij will be on display in Europe

early next year.