In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a group of thieves virtually ransacked the War Museum in the North Brabant village of Ossendrecht.

They have brought hundreds of thousands of euros worth of stuff,

Omroep Brabant



These include SS uniforms, parachutes and firearms.

For example, a German Fallschirmjägergewehr, a rifle that was used by German paratroopers, worth 50,000 euros was stolen.

Jan de Jonge, the owner of the Brabant museum who collected the collection over sixty years, discovered the burglary on Wednesday afternoon when he went to get wood for his stove.

He suspects that the thieves entered from the rear.

"They drilled holes in the door to get the handle down from the inside. I didn't hear anything while I was sleeping on the other side of the wall," said De Jonge.

The thieves cut glass from the display cases and loaded the loot into vans.

"They took items that can be traded internationally. The collection was private property and not insured."

When asked, the West Brabant police will inform that a report has been made and that a forensic investigation will be carried out in the museum on Thursday afternoon.

In August there was also a burglary in the Eyewitness war museum in Beek in Limburg.

About 1.5 million euros worth of property was stolen.