Sturgeon farming junior high school students experience Okayama Niimi October 16 7:40

A junior high school student in Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture, experienced the care of locally cultivated "sturgeon".

In Niimi City, sturgeon farming has been carried out for about 20 years to produce high-quality caviar.

At the farm of a fishery processing company in the city, about 17,000 sturgeons are raised in a pond, and second-year students of Niimi Daiichi Junior High School experienced feeding, and in appearance, male and female. I helped sort out the indistinguishable sturgeon.

The students scoop the sturgeon, which has grown to about 70 cm in length, from the pond with a net, and the farm staff tears the belly slightly to check for ovaries, embeds identification chips, and releases it to the pond again. Was there.

One of the students said, "It was very powerful and amazing. I want to know more about sturgeon."