• Malta.Comino, the Mediterranean island where only two cousins ​​live: a paradise to truly isolate

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Two fragments of amphorae, a piece of the wall of a domus and two pieces of mosaic.

It is the collection of artifacts with which Nicole packed back to her native Germany after visiting Pompeii.

Fifteen years later, his little archaeological treasure has returned to southern Italy accompanied by

a letter in which he confesses the theft


Bad conscience?


But there is something else.

Nicole writes that she was "young and stupid" when she stole artifacts from the world's most famous site.

He also assures that misfortune has haunted him since then.


Please keep them. They bring bad luck,

" he says in his letter.

The tourist said that she has suffered different types of misfortunes since that trip to Italy in 2005. Among them, a double mastectomy to fight against breast cancer and financial difficulties.

Nicole was 21 years old when she visited the site, 25 kilometers from Naples.

"I wanted to have a piece of history that you couldn't buy," he explains.

Now he regrets because those remains had "

negative energy

" as they belonged to that "land of destruction" that on August 24, AD 79, would be buried after the violent outbreak of Vesuvius.

As we know, Pompeii would not see the light again until its discovery in the 16th century.

The Canadian woman assured that she seeks "God's forgiveness."

"I am 36 years old and I have suffered from two breast cancers. My family and I have financial problems. We are good people. I do not want to pass this curse on to my children."

The package was sent to a travel agent in the city of Ancient Rome, who in turn handed it over to the carabinieri, according to the newspaper

Il Messaggero


Police have also confirmed receipt of a second package from Canada with additional remains and a letter signed by Alastain and Kimberly G., who could be Nicole's travel companions.

"We caught them without thinking about the pain and suffering that these poor souls experienced during the eruption of Vesuvius and its terrible death," says this couple in their message.

"We are sorry, please forgive us for making this terrible decision. May your souls rest in peace."

Pompeii receives about three million visitors a year.

It is the most popular outdoor tourist spot in Italy, next to the Roman Colosseum.

So it is not uncommon for thefts to occur, but it is not uncommon for some of the stolen items to be returned.

In fact, in recent years the authorities of the archaeological complex claim to have received about a

hundred packages

with fragments that, on occasions, have been used for the restoration of some of the ruins of the complex.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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MaltaComino, the Mediterranean island where only two cousins ​​live: a paradise to truly isolate

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