Detail of the credits of Goldfinger.


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Her name may be unknown to you, yet Margaret Nolan is part of the collective memory.

It is she who appears, the body covered with gold in the credits of


, the James Bond released in 1964. 

The British model and actress died on October 5 at the age of 76, her son Oscar confirmed to

Variety on


A few hours earlier, Edgar Wright, had revealed the information on Twitter.

“She was in the middle of the Venn diagram of all that was cool in the 1960s: she appeared alongside The Beatles [in the movie

Four Boys in the Wind

], was iconic at Bond, and was in the credits of

Carry. We

[a cult comedy series in the UK], ”the director of

Shaun of The Dead



Alongside Sean Connery

In addition to the credits, Margaret Nolan appears in


as Dink.

On the other hand, it is not her, but the actress Shirley Eaton, who embodies the James Bond Girl ending asphyxiated under the golden paint. 

Sean Connery and Margaret Nolan in Goldfinger.

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After the film, she had chosen to devote herself to her acting career.

She chained the roles on the big and small screen in the 1970s before being more discreet.


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