The remix version of'Savage Love' in which the group BTS (BTS) participated in the featured feature rose to No. 1 in the US Billboard main single chart'Hot 100'.

With this, BTS created the second hot 100 No. 1 song following'Dynamite' and made another record.

Billboard reported in a preview article on the 12th (hereafter local time) that Josh 685 and Jason Derulo, and BTS's'Savage Love' remix, ranked first on the Hot 100 chart this week.

Hot 100 is a chart that ranks the most popular songs in the U.S. every week and ranks them by summarizing streaming performance, music sales, and radio broadcasts.

'Savage Love' is a song created by New Zealand producer Josh 685, created by'Laxed', plus Derulo's vocals, and gained popularity as a trend on the video platform TikTok.

BTS took on chorus and rap parts in the remix version released on the 2nd, and digested not only English lyrics but also Korean lyrics such as "Love may be a list of emotions in the moment / conditions are all attached, what do I love?"

'Savage Love' ranked 8th on the Hot 100 chart last week, but this week jumped to number one thanks to the release of a remixed version of BTS (Vocal and Instrumental).

'Savage Love' was streamed 16 million times in the U.S. during the hot 100 count period (2-8 days), and 76,000 downloads were sold.

Downloads increased by 814% from the previous week.

Also, from the 5th to the 11th of this month, it was exposed to 70.6 million radio listeners.

Billboard usually counts the remix version as a single song, but this ranking has a large contribution from the BTS remix version, so BTS also ranked first in the Hot 100.

Billboard said, "Most of the music sales were driven by the BTS remix version, and the total streaming volume was similarly divided between the version that BTS participated in and the version that did not participate." It was officially listed," he explained.

On this week's Hot 100 chart, following the remix of'Savage Love','Dynamite' took second place, and BTS' songs rose to the first and second place.

According to Billboard, the first and second place in the Hot 100 are the first groups since Black Eyed Peas''Boom Boom Pow' and'Aigata Peeling' in June-July 2009.

The only duo or group that has such a record are Outcast, Business, and The Beatles.

'Dynamite' debuted in the hot 100 on August 31, the first week of its release, and rewrote the history of Korean popular music.

Including this, they are ranked 1st 3 times and 2nd 4 times over 7 weeks, and are'long runs' at the top.

'Dynamite' is continuing a gradual rise, ranking first on the digital song sales chart for seven consecutive weeks, and jumping from 39 to 26 on the radio song chart.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts expressed their gratitude to the fans by saying, "I sincerely thank ARMYs for sending unchanging love and interest."

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