In order to make herself more beautiful, a 21-year-old girl from Xuzhou Suining, Xiaojiao (pseudonym), made up her mind to go to a plastic surgery institution and spend more than 100,000 on breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and M lip surgery.

I thought that after a set of surgery, the whole person could be reborn, but I didn't expect the operation to have an accident. From then on, my life "fixed" on the plastic surgery table!

This is a tragedy that occurred in Changzhou Yaoyao Muyan Medical Beauty Clinic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changzhou Muyan Plastic Surgery") on October 3.

A few days ago, the incident attracted many people's attention because of an online post from his girlfriend.

On October 10, when the reporter got a lot of evidence and went to Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery to conduct an investigation, the medical plastic surgery institution lied that it “doesn’t know about this at all” and said, “The online post is slanderous and has been invited. Lawyers need to pursue the legal responsibility of the poster."

Girl Xiaojiao's photo

  Photo courtesy of interviewee Zhang Bin, reporter from Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News

  Online post exposure

  The person was sent to the funeral home, and the plastic surgery institution was still flicking. The operation was almost over

  On October 6, a netizen with the online name "洋洋_36" posted a post on a local forum in Changzhou, "At the age of twenty, a person died on the operating table, and he was still playing perfunctory and shirking responsibility!"

", a plastic surgery accident was exposed.

The poster claimed that her best friend died on the operating table, but the plastic surgery hospital was perfunctory and shirking responsibility.

  "I will definitely find a reporter to expose this matter, and I will seek justice for my girlfriend. Your hospital is really doing too much!" According to the screenshot of the poster on WeChat chat, she left the plastic surgery hospital when the accident happened. The operating room was less than 50 meters away, but no one from the plastic surgery institution informed her.

She has been waiting for her girlfriend to come out in the plastic surgery room, but she hasn't seen her girlfriend for a long time.

Later, all the people in the plastic surgery institution were evacuated. She found that something was wrong and called the police. Only then did she learn that her best friend had been sent to the funeral home!

  The poster’s WeChat chat screenshot described, “I was fooled by your people for 13 and a half hours. I kept saying that the operation was almost over and I came out immediately. In fact, everyone was in the funeral home at that time! Did you run a hospital? Inside? The nurses and the person in charge are all actors, right!"

  Many people paid attention to the online posts, and they pointed at "Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery"!

So what is the truth? Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporters have been investigating.

The plastic surgery organization is still open

  Reporter survey

  The deceased was a 21-year-old girl who had been punished by the plastic surgery institution before the incident

  On the afternoon of October 9th, the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter learned from Changzhou police that on the evening of October 3rd, the Changzhou police received an alarm. The person who made the report was an officer of Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery. The agency reported to the police that there was A girl had an accident while undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery in their institution, and the on-site rescue was not effective. The girl was sent to Changzhou Wujin People's Hospital for emergency treatment.

After receiving the police, the police rushed to the plastic surgery institution to conduct an investigation. The girl was 21 years old and was from Xuzhou. She died after rescue.

  The police investigation found that the medical institution had complete certificates and the doctor’s certificates were complete, and that the institution and related personnel were not illegally practicing medicine.

Since it was not illegal to practice medicine, the police referred the case to the relevant department of the Changzhou Health and Health Commission for further processing and notified the family of the deceased.

  A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News subsequently interviewed the relevant department of the Changzhou Health Commission and learned that the case was a medical accident.

According to reports, at 2 pm on October 3, 21-year-old girl Xiaojiao went to Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery for 3 surgeries, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and M lip (lip) surgery, and the last surgery for nose bridge plastic surgery.

About 10 o'clock in the evening, when the operation was about to end, the medical plastic surgery institution found that Xiaojiao's blood pressure and heart rate began to drop.

The agency took corresponding first aid measures and took Xiaojiao to Wujin People's Hospital in Changzhou City after using the corresponding first aid drugs, but she was not rescued later.

Regarding the cause of death, since no autopsy was performed, a normative statement could not be made.

  After the incident, the family of the deceased came to Changzhou.

On the morning of the 5th, relevant personnel from the Changzhou health department went to the police station to report a series of investigations to the family of the deceased, and the police also reported the investigation to the family.

At the same time, the family members of the deceased were introduced to three ways to protect their rights. The first is to mediate between the two parties, the second is to go through the medical malpractice mediation procedure, and the third is to file a lawsuit with the people's court.

The family finally chose mediation.

Through the intervention of the judicial department and the police station, the family members and the medical orthopedic organization finally reached an agreement after many negotiations. The compensation agreement was signed on the evening of October 6, and the orthopedic medical organization compensated more than one million yuan.

Changzhou Health Commission ordered Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery to suspend business for rectification.

  The Changzhou health department disclosed to reporters that, in fact, this year, before the death of the operation, Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery had two administrative punishment records.

On June 12, 2020, Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery was warned and fined 3,000 yuan because it did not meet the requirements of the clinical application management regulations of medical technology to carry out general anesthesia technology. On May 7, 2020, Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery Li A certain person was warned for failing to use narcotic drugs as prescribed.

  As for the situation reflected in the online posts, the Changzhou health department stated that the medical institution explained to the supervisory department that it was because it was busy with the rescue and negligence in work caused the deceased’s girlfriends to not understand.

  During the period of business closure for rectification, plastic surgery institutions are still operating

  At about 2:30 pm on October 10, a reporter from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News came to the place where the accident occurred and visited Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery in Changzhou, which was closed for rectification.

However, to the surprise of the reporter, the medical plastic surgery institutions that were closed for rectification were still receiving normal business operations, and some plastic surgery customers were also removed!

A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News immediately asked the female staff of the plastic surgery institution about the deaths from the operation that occurred here a few days ago, and the female staff all expressed their ignorance.

  Then a man asked the reporter what he wanted to do. After the reporter confirmed his identity and purpose, the man went upstairs and called another man.

The man claimed to be the management of a medical institution, but he did not want to disclose his specific position.

The man drew the reporter into the small conference room and told the reporter, "The online post reflects that the death of a customer on the operating table is all fake"!

  According to the man, someone came to find the fault for them, saying that their fire-fighting facilities were unqualified and wanted a sum of money, but they were all qualified for fire-fighting. This person was ignored. Within two days, this post appeared on the Internet. .

They have already hired a lawyer and have to go through legal procedures to pursue the legal responsibility of the poster.

When the reporter told the police that he had asked the police that someone did have an accident during the operation, the man still insisted: "I don't admit this!" He left with excuses and refused to be interviewed.

  A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News then reported to the Changzhou Health Department about the organization’s continued operations during the period of closure for rectification. The person in charge of the health department immediately contacted the person in charge of Changzhou Muyan Medical Plastic Surgery, emphasizing that the suspension of business for rectification means stopping everything. For business behavior, the person in charge of the plastic surgery organization actually said that he had understood it wrong, thinking that it was just not surgery!

  Expert remind

  There is a risk of plastic surgery

  In fact, in recent years, there have been many cases of disability and death caused by medical plastic surgery in Changzhou.

In March 2016, a woman had a micro-plastic surgery for rhinoplasty. After injection of hyaluronic acid, she lost her eyesight. At the end of 2016, a woman had undergone liposuction and died suddenly during general anesthesia...

  Plastic surgery crippling and fatal incidents exposed in the field are also common.

  The Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter found that medical beauty is chaotic, and some small beauty institutions without medical beauty qualifications illegally engage in hyaluronic acid injection "underground" to make money.

Some plastic surgery institutions that have obtained the qualifications of medical outpatient departments are also prone to accidents due to insufficient emergency emergency equipment and professionals, and the lack of emergency response capabilities.

  Li Xinqing, director of the Plastic Surgery Department of Changzhou Second People’s Hospital, said: “There are certain risks in plastic surgery. For example, cheap surgical materials or inadequately sterilized surgical instruments can cause infection, and minor infections will cause local inflammation. A systemic infection can be life-threatening."

  Li Xinqing said: “In some irregular medical institutions or beauty institutions, apart from not having the hardware facilities for rescue, the staff also lack the ability to deal with emergencies. The formal top three hospitals have corresponding procedures for handling critically ill patients. Our medical staff are also professionally trained. Before performing plastic surgery on the patient, they must conduct a comprehensive assessment of their overall health. Therefore, it is recommended that those who love beauty should choose a formal large medical institution to perform related operations, which is also for their own Life is responsible."