China News Service, October 11th. Recently, US media claimed that the Chinese director of a Confucius Institute died after being searched by the police and the FBI.

On the 11th, Beijing Language and Culture University issued a notice on its official website, saying, “At 11:45 pm on October 7th, Beijing time, our school received information from the Confucius Institute at Webster University in the United States. Passed away on the morning of July 7. We were shocked and saddened by the news!"

Screenshot of the situation report

  According to the report, Mr. Liu Qiang is a teacher of the Foreign Languages ​​Department of the school. In January 2019, he went to the Confucius Institute at Webster University in the United States as the Chinese dean.

  The report stated that Beijing Language and Culture University paid close attention to the incident, and set up a special working group as soon as possible to give condolences to the family members in time and follow up with the aftermath.

Currently, they are maintaining close communication with the Chinese Consulate in Chicago and Webster University, arranging personnel to go to the United States, and jointly urging the US police to inform the investigation results as soon as possible.

  The notice pointed out, “In view of the fact that the relevant situation is under investigation, please do not listen to letters and spread unconfirmed information. Thank you for your concern for Teacher Liu Qiang and his family!”