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While readers around can not expect the world following the novels

of Thrones

, George RR Martin has said that a small divulgâchage help them wait.

It is in a book called

Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon

and dedicated to the behind the scenes of the successful series from his works that the author revealed the survival of a character who passed away in the adaptation.

Indeed, in the imagination of George RR Martin, Hodor is not dead!

“I thought it was done really well, but it will be different in the book.

They made this scene very physical, making Hodor hold the door with his strength, ”he said in a passage from the book relayed by Entertainment Weekly in reference to the scene where the gentle giant holds the door of the onslaught of the living dead.

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Mark your difference

“In the book, Hodor stole an old sword from the crypt.

And Bran took over Hodor's body to practice sword fighting, continued George RR Martin.

So telling Hodor to “hold the gate” meant, instead, “defend the entrance” as the enemies arrive.

And so Hodor fights them and kills them.

It's a little different but it's the same idea.


A way for the author to clearly show that the sequel he imagined for his saga will be very different from the finale of the

Game of Thrones series


Should it still put an end to it!


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