China News Service, Mohe, October 11 (Wang Jingyang, reporter Jiang Hui) Affected by the strong cold air, on the morning of the 11th, the "Shenzhou Arctic" Daxinganling Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province ushered in the first snowfall this fall, 26 days later than last year.

  Mohe City is the northernmost city in China and the city with the highest latitude and lowest temperature in China. The Arctic Village, a 5A-level scenic spot under its jurisdiction, is the only place in China where you can see the northern lights and polar day phenomena.

The owner got together to replace the snow tires.

Photo by Wang Jingyang

  In the past few days, the temperature in Mohe City has continued to drop, with the lowest temperature approaching -5°C.

At 7 o'clock on the 11th, spilt snow fell from the sky, and the entire Mohe was shrouded in a white snow curtain. The residents put on thick winter clothes to resist the cold.

Due to the snowfall, the roads were slippery, visibility was low, and some roads were icy. The Mohe City Traffic Police Brigade promptly organized police to go on the road to divert traffic and remind vehicles and pedestrians to slow down.

On October 11, the "Shenzhou Arctic" Mohe City ushered in the first snowfall this fall.

Photo by Wang Jingyang

  Local resident Liu Ying said that this year may be the cause of the leap month. The temperature is higher than the same period in previous years. The snow falls later. The first snow falls in mid-October. She has already put on fleece and fleece pants. It feels not too cold. .

  With the advent of the snow season, local private car owners in Mohe came to the tire shop one after another, queuing to change their snow tires.

The 11th was Sunday, and it caught up with the first snow. Before 8 o'clock, many tire shops were full of vehicles.

Local residents of Mohe walked on the street in the snow.

Photo by Wang Jingyang

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Meteorological Department of Mohe City, the snowfall on the 11th was at a light snow level, and the snowfall will continue until the night of the 11th. After the snowfall, the temperature will have a significant decline.

Due to the low intensity of the snowfall, it did not affect the takeoff and landing of flights at the local airport.