[Explanation] Recently, a copy of the original "Fa Collection Dunhuang Selected Documents" was published by Reader Publishing Group Dunhuang Literature and Art Publishing House.

  Yang Jijun, the president of the publishing house, said that the books are based on Dunhuang manuscripts collected by the National Library of France, and selected and included some fine documents, including "Laozi Daodejing Manuscript", "Mao Shijuan 9: Xiaoya Luming Zhi Yuli Manuscript "And so on, have important reference value for the study of ancient Chinese politics, economy, military, religion, etc.

  [Concurrent] Yang Jijun, President of Reader Publishing Group Dunhuang Literature and Art Publishing House

  The Dharma Collection (Dunhuang Manuscripts) is the most essential part of the Dunhuang manuscripts, so we first launched this set of books. We first selected more than 150 volumes among the more than 6000 volumes of the Dharma Collection. Currently, this book is being sold in Xinhua Bookstores all over the country. Are all being released.

  [Explanation] Dunhuang manuscripts, also known as Dunhuang posthumous works.

During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, the Taoist Wang Yuanlu in Mogao Grottoes accidentally discovered the Tibetan scripture cave, from which more than 50,000 Buddhist scriptures, social documents, and ritual artifacts were unearthed. It is known as the "Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages" and "Ancient Academic Ocean".

However, due to the loss of most of the Dunhuang literature overseas, the phenomenon of "Dunhuang is in China and the study abroad" once appeared.

  [Concurrent] Yang Jijun, President of Reader Publishing Group Dunhuang Literature and Art Publishing House

  Since the discovery of the Dunhuang Tibetan Scripture Cave, most of the Dunhuang documents have been lost overseas, mainly in Britain and France, as well as India, Russia, and Japan.

Ordinary researchers, these documents (original edition) are not available, and what they see is the earliest microfilm (version).

  [Explanation] In order to promote the digitized return of Dunhuang documents dispersed overseas, the Reader Publishing Group launched the project of "publishing overseas Dunhuang documents and digitizing Dunhuang posthumous books and other cultural relics that have been dispersed overseas". It plans to spend five years to successively remove the Dunhuang documents lost overseas. publishing.

  The copy of the "Fa Collection Dunhuang Selected Documents" published this time adopts high-definition digital technology to meet the accuracy requirements of cultural relic reproduction, so as to meet the refined needs of readers and collectors for Dunhuang documents.

  [Concurrent] Yang Jijun, President of Reader Publishing Group Dunhuang Literature and Art Publishing House

  Why can we achieve such a high-definition copy of the original large original, mainly because we have a large data collection system for historical materials.

It is automatic shooting and automatic stitching, from the pixel level to the high definition of 1 billion pixel level images, so it can guarantee the original document and the original copy.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the Reader Group will also successively release the original copies of the "British Collection of Dunhuang Manuscripts" and "Japanese Collection of Dunhuang Manuscripts" and other series, and the "Complete Edition of Dunhuang Manuscripts" through high-tech means such as digitization and informatization. , To realize the digital sharing of Dunhuang cultural and artistic resources on a global scale.

  Ai Qinglong, Yan Jiao reports from Lanzhou, Gansu

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]