The family history of actor Lee Do-Hyun, who appeared in popular dramas such as'Hotel Del Luna' and '18 Again', was later known, and netizens continued to cheer.

Yesterday (7th), an article titled'Interview with actor Lee Do-Hyun with a younger brother with a developmental disability' was posted on various online communities and social media, which made the hearts of many netizens crush.

The post contained the contents of Lee Do-hyun's first confession of his brother's disability in an interview last year.

When asked, "What kind of year do you want 2020 to be?" Lee Do-hyun opened his speech by saying, "I hope it will be the year I only work for." “I hope it will be a year where all of my mom, dad, and younger siblings can take a break from work and live with the money I earn.”

He said, "Sometimes people ignore my brother with a mental developmental disorder, and every time that happens, I go to the bullies and say,'I'm his brother, don't bother'." “I would not have been here if I hadn't had a younger brother.” He also showed his heartfelt heart toward his younger brother.

Lee Do-hyun mentioned his younger brother in another interview recently conducted. He said, "I recently went to a place where my younger brother works and gave me a drink and said hello." He said, "You shouldn't do it," he said.

Many netizens cheered Lee Do-hyun with reactions such as "I wish it could be better. I support you", "I feel the deep and mature feelings in the interview", and "I can convey my love for my younger brother."

(Photo=Double U·Esquire website, Lee Do-hyun's Instagram)

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