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question: Wan Xiaoli at autumn singing: everything is not as bad as thought

  Chinanews reporter Zhang Daozheng

  "Turning in the fields/turning in the breeze/turning on the fragrant flowers." When Wan Xiaoli sang "Gyro" on the outdoor hill square of Wisdom Mountain in Tianjin on the evening of the 6th, hundreds of music lovers Listen quietly, the breeze of autumn night, everything looks so beautiful.

  That night, the Wan Xiaoli Hill Concert was held in Tianjin.

Wan Xiaoli is a well-known folk singer in China.

In 2006, he released the album "This is not as bad as I thought".

In 2007, he won the Best Folk Artist Award at the 7th Chinese Music Media Awards.

On January 1, 2010, the album "North of the North" was released.

In 2014, the cover of "Daughter Love" was used by Han Han's film "After the Meeting" to expand its popularity.

  Having sung folk songs for 20 years, Wan Xiaoli was not "big red and purple", but in the circle of literary and artistic youths, he was a "thousandthodox". They followed him and his music, calling him "genius" and "people who subverted folk songs." ".

Singer Lao Lang once said that his favorite singer is Wan Xiaoli.

The Wan Xiaoli Hill Concert was held in Tianjin.

Photo by Zhang Daozheng

  Wan Xiaoli is obsessed with music and does not seem to have much desire for fame.

Just like his singing, simple and warm.

As a singer, his works are rich in humanities, with beautiful melody and artistic conception, and full of poetry.

  In the hill concert in Tianjin, Wan Xiaoli's expression was still simple and simple, and the words between the singing were short and laborious. He even said: "I can only remember the lyrics by singing." Friends and fans of the band laughed.

This is a musician who can only express emotions with songs.

  Although not good at words, Wan Xiaoli is trying hard to speak on stage.

He recalled the song he wrote many years ago when he read a book "The Dharma Wanderer", "Go straight along this road/There is an intersection not far away/You can turn left You can also go forward/but you cannot stay."

  The words are very simple, but the charm is endless, containing a kind of calm power.

You can't write such a song without life experience.

Wan Xiaoli's songs mostly use relatively concise methods, conveying more information and emotions.

  At the age of 49, he has passed "no confusion" and is approaching the age of "knowing the fate".

Wan Xiaoli's songs are simple and tough, interpreting society from a folk perspective.

"The head was cut off by the executioner/The soul can still be nostalgic for the last nine seconds/Suddenly awakened from a dream at the seventh second/All this is not as bad as imagined." He used a relaxed way to take the unbearable weight of life one by one. Resolve.

  "The fluorescent sticks you are waving are like stars." Wan Xiaoli's conversation with fans during the performance was still calm. Gathering in the context of the epidemic is like "rebirth after catastrophe", beautiful and ordinary. Just like Wan Xiaoli’s song, "This is not as bad as I thought." (End)