Even after 35 years of friendship, Peter Heerschop and Viggo Waas have difficulty talking about their feelings for each other, the comedians say in

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"I find it difficult to name something directly", says Heerschop.

"Then I'd rather cast it in a scene."

“I compare that a bit with my father. He never said, 'I love you'. Instead, he always did chores.”

Waas responds to Heerschop with "You also know that I love you and when I am sad".

"We don't necessarily have to say that."

In April, Waas said he suspects that it is not easy to love him.

The comedian had the impression that he is elusive because, despite previous therapy, he keeps falling back into a mechanism of not talking about his feelings.

In March, Heerschop expressed his feelings in a column after the tram attack in Utrecht, which left four dead and six injured.

The column he pronounced on Radio 538 was voted radio moment of the year.


Peter Heerschop emotional during column about attack in Utrecht