Is iPhone 12 really coming?

Apple's overnight market value still evaporates over 380 billion

  iPhone 12 is coming

  Minimum 4400 yuan?

  It's coming, it's coming!

In the early morning of October 7, 2020, Apple officially announced that the launch of the new iPhone 12 series this year will be held at 10:00 AM on October 13th (Beijing time at 1:00 AM on October 14th). The Apple Park headquarters is still held in the form of online live broadcast.

This will be Apple's second fall conference this year.

The protagonist of this conference will be the new generation of Apple mobile phones, iPhone 12.

  As soon as the news came out, it immediately appeared on Weibo's hot search: iPhone 12 is coming, and many netizens can't wait.

@天才少女Miss王: When is it on sale?

7 can't hold it anymore.

@安熹梵: 5G hurry up.

However, some netizens said that they prefer to use domestic mobile phones.

@郭经纬: Mainly I just bought a domestic machine, so I didn't buy it.

Some netizens said that whether to buy or not depends on the final price.

@大白家的Doraemon: Wife gives money to buy it.

@ This boy is a little cold: Look at the price.

  According to previous reports from overseas media, there are 4 iPhone 12 models.

The entry model is 5.4 inches, named iPhone 12 mini, and storage space includes 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

The storage versions of the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 series are also 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

The high-end iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max started with 128GB storage.

  Overseas blogger Jon Prosser said that the first to be launched will be two iPhone 12 mobile phones. The smallest 5.4-inch iPhone 12 may only support 4G networks to lower the entry price of the new phone.

The high-end iPhone 12 Pro series will need to wait until November, and the initial supply will not be too much.

  According to netizens' spoilers, the price of different models of ipone12 will be between 649 dollars and 1,399 dollars, and the price of iPhone12mini will be 649 dollars, corresponding to RMB 4,400.

  Apple Insider published an article that four models of iPhone 12 are expected to appear at the conference: iPhone12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It is expected that iPhone 12 will support 5G.

  On September 22, @天猫 spokesperson once released a high-definition photo of iPhone12 Pro Max on Weibo, using the "red and blue CP" color scheme.

Of course, it is not yet certain that this is the actual photo.

  The standard version of the iPhone 12 will be equipped with 5.4 and 6.1-inch OLED screens, and the Pro version will have 6.1 and 6.7-inch displays.

The standard version of the back camera is equipped with two 12 million pixel cameras, and the Pro version is additionally equipped with a telephoto camera.

  It is reported that the iPhone 12 starts at US$649 (approximately RMB 4,406), the 6.1-inch standard version is priced at US$749, the 6.1-inch Pro version is priced at US$999, and the Max Pro version starts at US$1,099, which is approximately RMB 9,499. ).


  If you want to get your phone as soon as possible, you generally need to increase the price

  But no one has inquired this year

  Previously, the new iPhone product did not appear at the autumn conference in September, and the abnormal situation aroused the curiosity of the outside world.

At that time, some brokerage analysts believed that the release was delayed because of the time for mass production and shipment of products.

  In fact, Apple has admitted that the iPhone 12, Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, will be delayed for several weeks due to the impact of the epidemic on its supply chain.

  The Red Star Capital Bureau previously learned through interviews that Apple’s major domestic foundries, such as Foxconn, can still choose to work overtime voluntarily to get three times their wages during the National Day. The related plants of another generation plant, Pegatron, will not be closed during the National Day. hiring.

  On October 7, some scalpers told the Red Star Capital Bureau that according to the situation in previous years, after the Apple press conference, if you want to get the new Apple machine as soon as possible through their channels, you generally need to increase the price.

In the early years, some people were even willing to increase the price of 10,000 yuan to purchase. Last year, some people increased the price by several hundred yuan to get the new machine as soon as possible.

  However, the scalper said that there has been no inquiry this year, and he is temporarily unsure of the market situation this year and needs to wait and see for a while.

  stock market

  Apple evaporates more than 380 billion yuan

  A number of concept stocks in Hong Kong stocks rose

  Even though the outside world believes that the iPhone 12 will be unveiled at the press conference, Apple's (AAPL.US) stock price still fell on the day the news was released.

On October 6, local time, Apple's closing price was reported at $113.16 per share, down 2.87%.

  Based on this calculation, the total market value of Apple that day evaporated by about 57.1 billion US dollars, or about 387.7 billion yuan.

Contrary to Apple's stock price, a number of Apple concept stocks in Hong Kong stocks are rising.

On the same day, there were media reports that the US House of Representatives Antitrust Committee report to be published this week suggested that technology giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google’s parent company Alphabet, and Facebook should be split.

Members of the House of Representatives worry that the acquisition of these giants will stifle competitors and preferentially guide customers to use their products.

  Apple's share price opened lower in early trading and fell nearly 2.6%. At midday, Apple announced the news of a new product launch, which triggered a slight rebound and gradually narrowed the decline.

  Subsequently, Trump, who had just been discharged from the hospital, accidentally stated on social media that he had instructed negotiators to stop negotiating market stimulus plans with the Democratic Party until after the general election. Soon after his victory, he would adopt a focus on labor and small businesses Apple’s large-scale stimulus case triggered a late dive in the market, and Apple’s stock price tumbled. At one point, it fell more than 3.6%, and finally closed down 2.87%.

  However, the Apple concept stocks in Hong Kong stocks went wild yesterday.

As of the close of Hong Kong stocks on October 7, Sunny Optical Technology (02382.HK) rose more than 5%, closing at HK$125.60 per share; AAC Technology (02018.HK) also rose by more than 4%, closing price at HK$44.95 /Share, up 3.33%; In addition, Qiu Titanium Technology (01478.HK) once rose more than 3%, closing price at 9.06 Hong Kong dollars / share, up 1.23%; BYD Electronics (00285.HK) closing price at 41.50 Hong Kong dollars / share, Up 2.34%;

  The research report of Chuancai Securities pointed out that Apple's iPhone12 series is expected to innovate in 5G/optical/panel. It is expected to adopt Qualcomm 5G chip solution, upgrade TOF sensor, and adopt OLED full screen.

Related industry chain targets are expected to achieve order growth in the fourth quarter, and long-term performance benefits from the fourth quarter of this year to next year.

  In addition, CICC also issued a report that the iPhone 12 may become the most popular iPhone in the past six years, stimulating the demand for replacement of 1 billion users.

It is expected that the stock of new iPhone parts will have double-digit growth during the year, ending the continuous decline in the past four years.