Emmanuel Carrère will not have the Goncourt this year.


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No Goncourt this year for Emmanuel Carrère.

Her book


was excluded from the second selection of the Goncourt Prize, unveiled this Tuesday, which includes those of Irène Frain (

Un crime sans importance

) and Hervé Le Tellier (



At the top of the sales of novels according to the weekly ranking L'Express-Edistat,


has sparked a passionate debate on the limits between fiction and true story, after a text by the author's ex-wife to denounce the cons. truths.

She also revealed the breach of a contract signed with Emmanuel Carrère forcing the writer to obtain his consent to address certain aspects of their private life.

Lola Lafon and Sarah Chiche leave the selection

The Académie Goncourt therefore retained eight titles on Tuesday for this prize awarded on November 10.

Among the absent, we note the inevitable Lola Lafon (


), who is no longer part of the list, just like Sarah Chiche for



Only two women can still claim the Goncourt this year: Djaïli Amadou Amal for

Les Impatientes

(Emmanuelle Collas) and Irène Frain for

Un crime sans importance


Before a new narrow selection on October 27, are also still in the running: Mohammed Aïssaoui,

Les Funambules

(Gallimard), Miguel Bonnefoy,


(Rivages), Hervé Le Tellier,


(Gallimard), Jean-Pierre Martin,

Mes fous

(L'Olivier), Maël Renouard,

The Historiographer of the Kingdom

(Grasset) and Camille de Toledo,

Thésée, sa vie nouvelle



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