Matsudo girl murder case The bereaved family stated their opinion "I wish for the death sentence" October 5, 18:14

Three years ago, the bereaved family stated their opinions in the trial of the former chairman of the Parents' Association, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first trial for murdering a third-grade elementary school girl of Vietnamese nationality in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. The mother demanded a death sentence, saying, "We should be sentenced to death as a commandment to those who plot crimes."

Defendant Yasumasa Shibuya (49), who was the chairman of the parents' association at an elementary school in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, was acquitted in 2017 of killing Vietnamese nationality Reeti Nhat Lin (9 at the time) in the third grade of elementary school. Asked and insisted on innocence.

In the first instance, the prosecution sought the death penalty, while the court sentenced him to life imprisonment, and both the prosecution and the defendant appealed.

On the 5th, in a state where he could not be seen from the audience at the Tokyo High Court, Lin's mother expressed his opinion, "I was kidnapped by a person who believed that he was a protector and was brutal killed. It's cruel to do so. He should be sentenced to death as a commandment to those who plan to stop crimes against children. "

The father also said, "The defendant is running away without repenting of his sins. He is hoping for a death sentence."

At a post-trial press conference, Lin's father said, "The defendant did not appear in the trial, but I had something to ask the defendant directly. Please also read the statement of opinion."