Japan Life “Former Chairman's assets are about 2 million yen” Reported at creditors' meeting October 5, 14:35


Former chairman's personal assets were held for the first time since the former chairman was arrested in a fraudulent case involving "Japan Life", which went bankrupt by collecting a large amount of funds under the owner's business method of magnetic therapy equipment. It was reported that only about 2 million yen was found.

14 people, including Takayoshi Yamaguchi (78), the former chairman of the health appliance sales company "Japan Life", and Hiromi (48), the second daughter and former president, cheated about 80 million yen from the solicited customers. He was arrested last month on suspicion of fraud.

"Japan Life" went bankrupt three years ago, but former chairman Yamaguchi and former president Hiromi are also in the process of bankruptcy at the Tokyo District Court, and on the 5th, a rally for two creditors. Was held privately for the first time after his arrest.

According to the victim defense lawyer, the bankruptcy trustee explained that the former chairman's personal property was only 2.02 million yen at the rally, and said that "there is no prospect of finding new property", and said that about 200 people's creditors It is reported that the bankruptcy trustee business will be completed by paying dividends to the person.

This amount is only 0.016% of the total debt.

At a press conference after the rally, Yutaka Ishidoya, a lawyer for the damage control team, said, "I'm not convinced that it ended without clarifying the flow of funds. There is a possibility that new property will be discovered in the police investigation in the future. , I would like to continue working to get additional dividends. "