China News Service, Shijiazhuang, October 5 (Li Yang Yu Shiqiang) On the 4th, the Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau stated that as of 18:00 that day, there were 329,000 vehicles in and out of 8 expressways around Beijing, of which 168,000 vehicles entered Beijing. .

On the fourth day of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the road traffic safety situation in Hebei Province continued to remain stable and orderly.

  According to reports, on October 4, the road traffic flow in Hebei Province decreased compared to yesterday (October 3). The peak of vehicle travel occurred between 18 and 19:00, and the peak of traffic congestion occurred at 18:40.

The Jingha Tangshan section, the Beijing-Tibet Huailai section, the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Baoding section, the Langzhuo-Gu'an section, the Daguang Hengshui section in the Beijing direction, the Rongwu Bazhou section in the Tianjin direction, and the Beijing-Taiwan Wuqiao section in the Shandong direction have varying degrees of slowing, and other expressways Traffic is normal.

According to the five-minute traffic statistics of the expressway, there are 480 vehicles in the Hengshui section of Daguang Expressway entering Beijing, and all other expressways are below 300. The highest flow of the day is 495 vehicles in the Hengshui section of Daguang Expressway entering Beijing at 15:00.

  According to the report, entering the second half of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, it is expected that the traffic of tourist attractions, roads around the suburbs of the province and major highways will continue to remain high.

The Hebei Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning signal for gale. Affected by the cold air, there were strong winds in Baoding, Langfang and the north. The minimum temperature in southern Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and Handan dropped by 3-5℃, and frost in Zhangjiakou, Chengde, and northwestern Baoding Among them, there is freezing in the area of ​​Bashang, which will adversely affect traffic safety.

  The Traffic Management Bureau of the Public Security Department of Hebei Province stated that since October 1st, the traffic control department of the province has deployed 55,000 police personnel, and has investigated and dealt with 667 cases of drunk driving, 269 cases of illegally carrying people by trucks, and 668 cases of illegally driving on expressways. Traffic is illegal.

Drivers must strictly abide by laws and regulations when traveling during holidays. When encountering severe weather, they must drive carefully, reduce speed and control distance, and prevent rear-end collisions and rollovers.