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The remarks on the unaccompanied minors of Eric Zemmour are "scandalous" denounced, Monday in Metz, the Secretary of State in charge of Children and families Adrien Taquet, welcoming the reaction of the CSA which "took its responsibilities" and reported the facts to the prosecutor.

“The comments made by this columnist are simply scandalous.

We denounced them.

They are very far from what I see on the ground ”, affirmed Adrien Taquet traveling in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse and Moselle to contract with the departments the national strategy of prevention and protection of children.

"Prosecutions will be initiated"

Already condemned for insult and incitement to hatred to 10,000 euros fine on September 25 after a diatribe against Islam, Eric Zemmour asserted Wednesday evening that "all" migrant minors are "thieves", "murderers" and "rapists », After the attack perpetrated last week in front of the ex-premises of

Charlie Hebdo


"The authorities have taken their responsibilities," said Adrien Taquet.

"I am thinking in particular of the CSA, which very quickly seized the public prosecutor in the name of article 40".

The Secretary of State assured that "prosecutions will be initiated against this person (Zemmour)" and "probably against the channel (CNews) which made possible these remarks held in deferral, I want to clarify it".

“In addition, the CSA has initiated a certain number of internal procedures” and could impose “sanctions against the channel” to which it issues broadcasting authorizations, he stressed.

Complaints filed by the departments

Thursday and Friday, several socialist presidents of departments, including those of Loire-Atlantique, Gers, Landes or Haute-Garonne had announced that they had lodged a complaint against him.

Saturday, Finistère and Meurthe-et-Moselle did the same, denouncing "racist remarks, quite simply abject".

The Paris prosecutor's office has decided to open an investigation against the polemicist, in particular for "provoking racial hatred".


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