BTS is showing various activities that are not bound by boundaries.

This time, we released a music video in the game.

This is Kim Soo-hyun.


BTS, which is continuing its explosive popularity with the new song Dynamite, is appearing on major US broadcast programs these days, and Dynamite's new music video was released in unexpected places.

[Finally to the public.

That place is Fortnite!] The

music video for the choreographic version of Dynamite was first released on the stage in Fortnite, an online battle game of 350 million users.

Game users were the first to watch this music video.

Game items that allowed users' avatars to imitate dance moves also became popular.

Rapper Travis Scott released a new song at a virtual concert in an online game when he was unable to perform due to Corona.

As many as 12 million people enjoyed the performance sung by Scott's avatar, and his new song reached the top of the Billboard single chart.

Live performances by famous singers are unfolded in the game, and unreleased videos of movies such as the Star Wars series are also screened.

[Geonah Kim/Director of Epic Games Korea: We are planning various forms of collaboration with various musicians, and it would be nice to think of it as a concept of expanding limited experiences in reality through


.] The

game makes friends in virtual reality and makes friends. It is evolving into a social space for watching performances.

As offline performances become difficult due to Corona 19, the number of singers jumping into the game is expected to increase even more.

(Video editing: Park Jin-hoon, video source: YouTube@splashhh)