[Explanation] October 1st is the annual "National Day". This year coincides with the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. The streets of Hong Kong are illuminated and beaming with joy, and the citizens are celebrating the festival in various ways.

On the same day, the patriotic and Hong Kong political groups set up thousands of street stations on all streets in Hong Kong. Famous people such as the National People’s Congress, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the provincial CPPCC, leaders of political groups and organizations also came to "support the market" and distributed Masks, moon cakes, lanterns, etc. were given to Hong Kong citizens passing by.

  [Concurrent] Deng Qinghe, member of the CPPCC National Committee

  Our fellow villagers in the Guangdong community, during this period, just after the third wave of the epidemic has stabilized, we hope to use our National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, which are double celebrations, to celebrate with everyone and have fun.

  [Concurrent] Kwong Meiyun, Representative of the National People's Congress of Hong Kong

  I am very happy today. One is the National Day, and it also coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Today, major associations have many activities to celebrate in different places. Today, the Hong Kong Guangdong Association will distribute masks here at the street station.

I hope everyone can be healthy, safe and lucky.

  [Concurrent] Shi Ronghuai, CPPCC member

  I think most people in Hong Kong are the same as me. In this happy day, everyone is in the same excitement and excitement. Under the epidemic, some previous celebrations and large-scale fireworks displays are impossible. So we adopted this method and sent some moon cakes, lanterns, and masks (needed) for the epidemic in the hope of bringing a little bit of heart and blessings to the society and the people of Hong Kong.

  [Concurrent] Chen Qingxia, Honorary Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC Committee

  This year is very special because it is the same day as the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. We want to take this opportunity to bring good blessings to the people. We also hope that Hong Kong can set off again and everyone can unite as one.

After this epidemic, I think everyone should refocus their energy on restoring the economy and improving people's livelihood. Therefore, through today's activities, we will make everyone more able to identify with our country.

  [Explanation] This year is the first National Day after the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law. Many people said that the atmosphere was much stronger.

Although Hong Kong is still affected by the epidemic, society tends to be stable and the streets of Hong Kong are no longer deserted.

  [Concurrent] Kwong Meiyun, Representative of the National People's Congress of Hong Kong

  I think it's mainly because of the Hong Kong National Security Law, which means that the country is safe and the people are safe.

With the Hong Kong National Security Law, our citizens can be protected. I believe that the law and order situation will be much better. I think the black riots should be reduced.

  [Concurrent] Shi Ronghuai, member of the CPPCC National Committee

  In fact, after Hong Kong’s national security legislation, it is obvious to all that in the three months from July 1 to the present, Hong Kong society has returned to a track of long-term stability and Hong Kong’s business environment has been very well protected.

  [Commentary] Many citizens stopped in front of the street station, and everyone was beaming, sending good wishes to the motherland.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong citizens

  I am absolutely happy. Long live the motherland. The great motherland will always be our backer. The motherland is strong, and Hong Kong will definitely be strong.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong citizens

  I hope that our motherland will flourish and China will come on.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong citizens

  I hope that the country will continue to develop steadily, prosperously and ignite the dream of every Chinese.

  Reporter Zhang Hongbin from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]